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H is for History

H is for History. I LOVE history. How could I not use the H in Blogging Through the Alphabet to write about all my favorites, old and new? This is, perhaps, my favorite subject in the world. :) I thought I would share some of the history resources we have used, are using, and love. I don't get any money for any of these posts--I genuinely love these products! :D

The Mystery of History is one of the best resources we have ever found as we genuinely LOVE it. All three of the volumes completed have been rich with stories and people and the author strives to glorify God through it all. A particular favorite was the third book, The Renaissance, Reformation, and the Growth of Nations. The author, Linda Lacour Hobar, has a real love of history, that is quite clear. From the website:

Covering people and events from 1455 to 1707, Volume III contains more than I imagined it would.  The Medici’s, the Inquisition, and Christopher Columbus.  Michelangelo, Martin Luther, and Henry VIII.  Copernicus, Shakespeare, and Pocahontas.  These are but glimpses of great power, great minds, and great passion.  I’m in awe over each and every one of the geniuses that graced this rich time period.

As is true with the other books in this series, The Mystery of History Volume III will look at what was going on all over the world in the order that it happened. So, while the Renaissance and Reformation were taking shape in Europe, we’ll look at the rise of wealthy empires in West Africa; the Mogul dynasty of India; and the peaceful lives of the Aboriginals of Australia.  We will also visit Ivan the Terrible in Russia and the Tokugawa family in Japan. 

Of course the stories will be told of the master painters and sculptors who made the Renaissance famous as well as the scientists and philosophers who dissected it.  And the time period wouldn’t be complete without boarding a ship or two to circumnavigate the globe for spices and riches in the East.  Many more explorers will touch the soil of North America and start a new chapter in the history of the world.  We’ll bow with the Pilgrims who will give thanks for their survival and welcome the Native Americans to their feast. 

This one is her only hardback so far, full-color, and absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend it!

We have just started using, and the Crew just finished reviewing, some of the amazing guides from TruthQuest. The guide I am using, TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution III (America/Europe, 1865-2000+), Grades 5-12, is particularly rich with detail. Today I used the whole section discussing Charles Darwin and the immense ramifications from his positions. It was so important to discuss the Christian worldview versus Social Darwinism. I loved sharing these things and discussing them in our science/history co-op today.

I really love what she says about history in her Mission Statement:

Parents, think back on your years as a student in history class. There was one focus: human actions... so we assumed history was the "story of humankind." Though we eschew humanism, we can unknowingly teach history to our children as we were taught. We look only at the people of yesteryear. Is it any wonder history seems so futile and fruitless, so past-oriented, insignificant, and weak? 

Since nothing began without the Lord God, history is actually the mighty story of what He has initiated, revealed about Himself, and said to be true. People are not the makers of history, He is. God initiates and people respond... thus history happens. 

This huge difference transforms the deepest nature of your history study. It impresses your children with the involvement and impact of God above that of people. History becomes a convincing demonstration of His nature, power, and love. Truth-revealing history is no mere recitation of the past, but prepares for the present and future! It is the mission of TruthQuest History to provide deep daily support and freeing direction in that great endeavor!

God initiates > People respond > History happens.

Her heart for God and for His Story throughout the whole of her curriculum really shines through. There are so many good resources recommended here within her books and so much rich information. These are the guides she has so far:

TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students I (Exploration–1800), Gr. 1-5 
TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students II (1800-1865), Gr. 1-5 
TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students III (1865-2000+), Gr. 1-5 
TruthQuest History: Beginnings (Creation/Old Testament/Ancients/Egypt), Gr. 5-12 
TruthQuest History: Ancient Greece, Gr. 5-12
TruthQuest History: Ancient Rome, Gr. 5-12 
TruthQuest History: Middle Ages (AD 500-1400), Gr. 5-12
TruthQuest History: Renaissance/Reformation/Exploration (1400-1600), Gr. 5-12
TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution I (America/Europe, 1600-1800), Gr. 5-12  
TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution II (America/Europe, 1800-1865), Gr. 5-12 
TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution III (America/Europe, 1865-2000+), Gr. 5-12

I also highly recommend these guides!

Home School in the Woods is one of my absolute favorite "extras" for history. Their timeline materials are top-of-the-line and the timeline book is utterly gorgeous. I had the privilege of reviewing the whole set for TOS and I still love them after all these years!

I also really like their Time Travelers CDs. They have so many to choose from, all on American History. This is the list:

New World Explorers
Colonial Life
The American Revolution
The Early 19th Century
The Civil War
The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
World War II

I would LOVE it if they would do some ancient history ones! They also offer the neatest Activity Paks on these neat subjects!

The New Testament
The Old Testament

If you go to their site right now, you can get a free project pak called, "A Timeline of the English Bible." These people are just wonderful and Amy Pak is one of the sweetest nicest talented Homeschool Mamas I have ever had the privilege of working with. :)

One of the neatest things I have seen come on the history market is Heritage History. Have you checked this company out?! They offer such neat compilations of history resources--all on one CD. They call them the Heritage Classical Curriculum and they have these choices:

Young Readers
The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It includes easy-to-read, introductory selections from many historical periods and provides a broad introduction to Western Culture suitable for grammar school age students. Specially featured are short stories from American, European, Ancient, and Biblical history. Includes 86 books, Recommendations, and a Teacher's Guide

Ancient Greece
The Ancient Greece collection covers Greek history from the earliest days of myth and legend, through the Golden age of Athens, to the Greco-Roman Era. Of special interest to older students is a selection of simplified classics based on the works of renowned poets, historians and playwrights. Includes 46 books, 50+ maps, teaching aids, and a Study Guide

Ancient Rome
The Ancient Rome collection includes romantic stories for students of all abilities, from legends of early Roman heroes that fascinate youngsters to stories of political turmoil in the imperial era that provide food for thought to older students. Stories from Gothic, Carthaginian, and Byzantine history are also included. Includes 45 books, 60+ maps, teaching aids, and a Study Guide

British Middle Ages
The British Middle Ages collection features books that cover the 5th through 17th centuries in Europe and the British Isles. Topics include barbarian invasions, Christian conversion, feudalism, mediaeval war-craft, church-state conflicts, and the Reformation, all covered with a special focus on British history. Includes 55 books, 60+ maps, teaching aids, and a Study Guide

British Empire
The British Empire collection focuses on 18th and 19th century world history, with a special emphasis on colonial development. Stories that highlight scientific discovery, exploration, invention and industry are featured, along with those that cover regional histories of Ireland, Canada, British Africa, India, and East Asia.  Includes 57 books, 50+ maps, teaching aids, and a Study Guide

All of these books and all these resources are on the CD, and all in one place, for only $24.99. I bought a Kindle Touch just to get to use them all!

I hope something here blesses you as much as it has blessed me and my family. I just love studying God's perfect hand in His Story.


Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

History is our favorite subject here, too. I've always wanted to try some of the products from Homeschool in the Woods. I've heard many great things about them! I like reading about what has worked in your studies!

Brandi said...

I also love Mystery of History!!! We just started over with the first volume this year. I hated that the American History volume wasn't ready when we needed it, but I actually contacted Linda to ask her what I should use instead. Hope to you her American History when we get to it again. :)

Brandi said...

oops, should say "use her American . . ."