Saturday, March 03, 2012

'Twas a Pretty Saturday

I do love days where it is gorgeous outside and today fit that kind of day. It wasn't too hot and wasn't too cold and I got a lot done on a day where we had two smallish guests that were scampering about the house with us! We began it by going to the feed store. Our chickens needed some food (and I just knew there would be baby chicks there) so off we headed. 
There were baby chicks. I tell you, it is all I can do not to buy more, but we really don't have the room! Eight is enough! (To all my 80's readers, I know you just thought of the show...hee hee!)

From there we headed to a nursery and then to Home Depot to buy soil and seed because I have been itching to fill my glorious salad tables

You can't see it in this picture, but we have snap peas planted in one of these boxes and today I planted arugula and cilantro. I have two of these beds and the chicken run is underneath the beds. I LOVE this set-up as it allows me to double use the space. My hens have been laying like crazy! It is such great fun for my youngest to proudly bring in the daily haul. These ladies are the best. 

In addition to what I planted today, I bought radish, beet, turnip, and basil to plant in these beds as well as flowers for my youngest. I have an herb section and will have a bush bean section as well. I may raise that part so that the beans have more root room, but we shall see. I am making do with what I have even though I would like the beds to be higher/deeper. I just bought two Early Girl tomatoes and they will share an EarthBox when I get around to planting them. I am excited about summer already (well, OK, about summer produce, but NOT about summer. :+)

Are you planning your garden or are you still under winter snow? I love this time of year. Not even the weeds deter me--and there are a lot of them! They will do so in a few months, but not now. I can plant anything in my Bermuda grass-infested backyard--at least in my mind anyway! 

Happy planning and happy planting! May the Lord bless your harvest!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great Saturday! I have been avoiding the feed store because I *know* there will be baby chicks and my brooder boxes aren't ready to bring them home...yet! It is very tempting to start thinking about gardening, but I just know this is pseudo spring and we'll get another freeze soon. I love your chicken run, too! What a great idea!

Kate said...


It has been such a mild winter. I can't even call it one, really. All the spring trees are in full bloom and some, like our peach tree, is already leafing out!

How many chicks will you get when you do? Do you have specific kinds you want to buy?

I do love my chicken run. Now the trick is to keep them out of the garden when I let them out! :D


Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate :)

Following you now via Linky too :)
Elizabeth H