Tuesday, March 20, 2012

News and Excitement at TOS!

I wanted to share this fantastic TOS email  from Gena with you all. There is so much going on!!

I wanted to drop you a quick line and give you the latest with TOS magazine. As you all know, the magazine is now open access. You can get it online anytime at  www.TOSMagazine.com, but you can also download the TOS app totally free at the Apple Store here or the Android Market here.

SchoolhouseTeachers.comSo, SchoolhouseTeachers.com--have you checked it out yet? If you are a paid subscriber to TOS magazine, you are automatically grandfathered into the highest level of membership we have, the ULTIMATE level. This means you get all of the new planners totally free. Last year even though you were a subscriber, you still had to buy the new Schoolhouse Planners at full price. Not this year, they're free Schoolhouse Plannerto you if you're a subber. So that's pretty cool.
If you are not a TOS subscriber or SchoolhouseTeachers.com member, you have to see the new platform. We are bringing on new content DAILY. New Teachers are signing up to bring you assignments, lesson plans, projects to do with your kids, and I'm even talking with a software company in the UK right now about a typing/keyboarding license for all members, if they go for the deal. LOTS of deals are in the works; and for the rest of March ONLY, the Ultimate membership is just a buck for the first month. In April, the trial will be $2. So get in now while you still have a little time.

TOS LogoDid you know Molly Green woke UP? Check out the new cover for April here.

This is another very inexpensive monthly membership that hundreds have joined already in just the last few weeks. If you read Molly Green Magazine and apply even one of the tips Molly gives each month, the magazine will probably not only pay for itself, but save you loads all year long. Use this as a home economics/finance supplement in your homeschool with your young and older teens. It is GREAT. If you have never tried out Molly, email me for a free sample issue and I'll have one sent over: gena@tosmag.com.

Meanwhile, check out the new cover here and then sign up so you get it on time.

Pretty exciting, isn't it? I thought you would want to know too. :)

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