Monday, March 05, 2012

My Monday Musings...Cause It's Monday!

What I'm thinking: I am thinking how very blessed I am that I get to be here at home with my children every day. I get to watch them grow, listen to them play, read with them, teach them, and get to be their mama. I am a blessed woman.

What I'm reading: After a fairly lengthy hiatus due to the initially overwhelming task of running the most amazing Crew there ever was, I am back to reading The Lord of the Rings to the children. I link to this beautiful edition because it is the one my husband gave me in 2004. It is a lovely hardback book with a slipcase and a pull-out map. If you know the story, the Ents have finished their work in Isenguard and Merry and Pippin are enjoying a few "well earned comforts..." I love reading this to the children!

What I'm listening to: The sound of silence.

What we're learning: How we are made in the image of God and how each one of us has gifts and talents that we use to glorify Him. What are yours?

What I'm watching: Tonight we watched Hook. It has been a long time since I watched this movie! There is a bit of sass in it, but that is to be expected with Robin Williams as Peter Pan and a whole group full of lost boys! It was a fun ride and we all laughed quite a bit. Dame Maggie Smith was in it! That was a joyful surprise.

What's cooking: I made turkey and veggie meatloaf tonight. I rediscovered the recipe some time ago and realized that I actually like it and so does my family. Who knew?

What I'm buying: Nothing at all because I did a little too much of that already this week. Eek!

What I'm thankful for: Good friends I have never yet set eyes upon yet they are gifts of God to me. You know who you are and you are loved.

What I'm creating: My last art history class for my first co-op group. Sniff. The time has come to say goodbye to this group, but I will enjoy our meeting day together one last time.

What I'm praying: That God would work His perfect will, that He would be glorified in all I do, say, and write. That my friend's husband would recover from a very painful bout of gall bladder discomfort.

What I'm planning: Food and logistics for the weekend. We are heading to the foothills for some good old fashioned frolic, fun, food, and fellowship. Can't wait!!

What we did this last weekend: We had two delightful little elves here with us to share our Saturday. Sunday brought us fellowship at church and a drowsy day! Love those kinds of Sundays!

What I'm looking forward to: Spring planting! The world is coming alive around here as evidenced by the fact that allergy season is kicking in. I am not quite ready for THAT.

A picture to share: One of the gold spikes used to bring together the eastern and western railroads when the Transcontinental Railroad was finished in Utah in 1869. This was taken at the California State Railroad Museum. It is well worth going to if you are ever in the Sacramento area.


Charlotte said...

That Turkey and Veggie meatloaf sounds good...I'll have to bug you for the recipe.

And I know you are making the right decision, though a hard one, about the co-op.

Love you, dear friend!

Unknown said...

I am thankful for you.

And I'm gonna need the turkey-veggie meatloaf recipe.

Nicole said...

That is very cool! Dawson just got done studying about this. He finished a project today that was a seven day diary pretending he was a passenger on the first rail run from Omaha, NE, to Fresno CA.