Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Gena

I wrote this in 2005, but I feel the exact same way today. :)

I have a friend who’s fine and true,
Who stands by me when life gets blue.
She is the kind who does not wait,
When she sees me in some sort of straight.

I know she has a great big heart,
She listens well and is very smart.
But what I think comes most to mind,
It’s loyalty and that’s hard to find.

She’s there for you when things are bleak,
When life unravels, she is not weak.
She helps you to keep looking high,
To our great Sovereign in the sky.

This is the day of her great birth,
That fills us all with joy and mirth.
For friends like this come few and rarely,
And I will treasure her verily verily!

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend,


Homeschooling Drewper said...

Ahhh, that is so sweet of you!!! I have never had a friend write me a poem. That is so special. You are a sweet and great friend!! Gena is very lucky. :-)

Kate said...

Thank you! The truth is that I feel very blessed by her friendship. :)

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