Thursday, March 29, 2012

F is for Free Homeschool Resources

OK, who doesn't like discovering totally fun free things on the net? When my oldest, now 17, was little, I remember being totally freaked out about the internet. It didn't make any sense to me and I was really worried about it (in a very uninformed way!) It makes me giggle now to think about how very much I use it--all the time, for just about everything under the sun! I am quite a Google aficionado.

So what can you find on the internet to help with your homeschool? Let's find out!

Monergism Books - A huge resource for many Christian theological books. All are free to download on this page. Another link on the same page for a whole other list of free downloadable Christian books!

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop - Free downloads of creative and innovative science activities for every kind of science!

Free The World’s Greatest Artists Unit Study - I have to say that one of my favorite art resource books are the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artist books. My children read them for fun and pleasure and not because they have to. This art study is based on them!

Free Printable Pages for Art History - I am taking this right from her site because it is exactly what I would say to summarize it! :) "This page is a summary of all our art appreciation lessons, art activities and downloads."

Free Printable Maps - I am thinking this one speaks for itself.

Science Internet Resources - This is a large page full of great resources found on the internet. Check it out!

Free Animal Classification Cards - Downloadable for you; created by a homeschool mama for her little one.

Homeschool Creations is the site where the Animal Classification Cards are, but she has a LOT more on the site and is very generous with her creations!

Google Lit Trips - From the website: Google Lit Trips allows students to tour the places where the characters they read about are living. This website has over 35 pre-created trips that teachers and students can download and run through Google Earth. The lit trips are easy to navigate and organized by grade level. The website also gives step by step instructions on how teachers can create their own lit trips, tips for using Google Earth and ideas for integrating Google Lit trips into your current curriculum. How fun is that? I know I have often wondered what certain places in some of my books really looked like. I wonder if they have Middle Earth? ;)

Khan Academy - Many of you probably know about this site for their math videos, but did you know they also have a HUGE list of other educational videos on all sorts of other subjects? From science to art history to currency to SAT Prep--if you are looking, they probably have a helpful video for it! I am particularly excited about their art history videos. You can see things right where they are. Love it!

Free Handwriting/Cursive Worksheet Maker! - I really like the flexibility of things like this. You can create copywork and handwriting pages with any text you wish. There are so many great quotes and Bible verses and catechism questions to choose from!

Free Continents and Oceans Printables - If you are studying either, this is for you!

Virtual Dissections Online - Not everyone really wants to cut up the animals shown here! There are some great choices and lots to learn here.

Free Art Lessons from Concordia University Chicago - More art lessons from an academic source. Lessons for grades 1-7, and downloadable lesson packets!

Donna Young - Many of you know about Donna Young, but wow, I just love this website. It has so many valuable downloadables/printables for free. It is absolutely worth clicking through if you have never been!

Free Audio Books - Self explanatory, but wow, there are so many great book choices here!

Free Paper Dolls to Print - These are available in all different time periods as well as modern. Easy to click, print on cardstock, color, cut, and play!

Free Interactive Video from NOVA: Another unique site to see all sorts of subjects covered via video. History, science, flight, military and espionage, and other subjects too.

100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers - This is so huge and holds so many resources in one place, I am amazed I had not seen this before. 100 different video resources!

The Homeschool Mom - This mom compiled a huge page of freebies and bargains. It is worth running through as there are a lot of unusual resources there!

The Old Schoolhouse Store: Did you know there is a whole section devoted to freebies at the store? Well now you do. :) Don't miss the Free TOS Apps too that work for almost any phone or tablet. Read the magazine online for free too at: www.TOSMagazine.com.

Arts and Crafts Recipes - This page had some fun recipes to get a little crafty/dirty in your homeschooling. Go ahead clean moms, it is OK!

Cheap Homeschooling - The name says it all, right? :) This is another one of those websites that just has endless resources for your perusal.

Free iEducation for the Homeschooler - One of my favorite homeschool mamas shares her education apps for your children.

Free Kindle Books for Kids - Same awesome homeschool mama, different awesome resources for your children! :)

So, for those who think homeschooling has to be expensive; it doesn't! Enjoy!

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Nicole said...

I thought I had an exhaustive list of free resources, but you gave me some new ones I didn't know of! Thanks!!

Charlotte said...

This was great, Kate! I loved this list of free stuff, many of which I had never heard of. Thanks!

Unknown said...

this is an awesome list. several things I've never seen before!


Kate said...

Thanks, ladies! It never ceases to amaze me that things like this are all over the net. :)


Nadene said...

Thanks for linking me to this list of fabulous freebie sites, Kate! I just love some of the "new" sites I discovered here suitable for high schoolers like the dissection and Nova sites.

Christa said...

Great list!! I was stopping by because I am trying to catch up on following all from the Crew, but I think you may have caused a major distraction!! I have joined in with Marcy in the abc's also! Fun stuff!!

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Mary said...

Wow!! What a list. Thank you!