Wednesday, March 07, 2012

C is for Creation

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 tells us this.
And He did.

I love studying creation because it never grows old and there is always more to learn. I love books that help us understand how it happened and what came before us. I thought I would use my Blogging Through the Alphabet this week to showcase some of our favorite books we use when we study it. 

The Creation Story is a beautiful book with the most gorgeous artwork. There is so much to see on every page and so many wonderful things to sit on the couch and discuss with your children. The bounty of God's creative hand is shown in a lovely way.

The book is almost entirely scripture--which is pretty incredible since the publisher is DK. I used to be a distributor with DK many moons ago when they still did that and some beautiful books have come from them. Norman Messenger is the creative work behind the art. He has a very unique eye and pen and the animals and plants are beautifully portrayed.

Next up is In the Days of Noah. This is a thorough covering of the story that leads up to Noah's flood with great pictures of what it might have looked like both of the building process, on the ark, and after they left it. The second section of the book has the family of Adam, the genealogy given in scripture, the lineage and achievements as well as the tribes and nations that came from Noah's sons.

There is a wonderful questions and answers section found here too that covers all sorts of subject matter. From questions about history or whether or not it is even possible that the whole world flooded; these are all discussed here. Science topics abound from fossil formation to animal migration. It even discusses the flood legends from other lands and what that means for Christians. There is only one portion of this book that is unfortunate. It includes a photo of something that was hoped to be the remains of a dinosaur that was later proved to be a decomposing shark. This is a very tiny part of what is otherwise a really fascinating book. The newer versions of this book may no longer even have that.

Another book on Noah's Ark that is geared for younger children is, The True Story of Noah's Ark. This is a smaller book than the others, but don't let that put you off. There is an audio CD as well as a fold-our panorama of what they think the inside of the ark might have looked like.

The whole story of the destruction of the antediluvian world is shown with vivid illustrations. This is a very visually-oriented book. If you want something to help you understand how the global flood could have come about that is totally understandable for little ones, this is it.

If I had to choose just one book to help me understand and explain the post-flood world to my children, this is it. I have used this book so many times in the course of my homeschooling that I consider it invaluable.

Life in the Great Ice Age is so accessible and usable and the story is just fascinating. What did the world look like after the flood? What does the ice age have to do with it? What caused the ice age? How did people live and how come they looked so different? It is such a good book!

The second part of this book covers some intriguing subjects. What was the climate like? What does cave art tell us? How about animals that are now extinct. Did they live alongside man? How do we as Christians deal with Neanderthals? Did ancient man use a land bridge to get from continent to continent as they migrated? There are so many good questions answered in this book!

This last book for today showcases all sorts of creatures that really lived, but we can be almost glad they don't anymore. They are fearsome creatures and utterly captivating. Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past & Present is the book to which I refer and it is a favorite of my son.

This has such vivid pictures of ancient ocean dwelling creatures that are really wonderful to behold. It shows the length and look of these marine reptiles and compares them to things we are familiar with like a car or modern day shark--or a diver!

The paintings within are beautifully created and bring the creatures to life. I sometimes wonder if all of these are really extinct. The ocean is a deep place with many hiding places! I love the story of the Coelacanth. These same creatures are found in the fossil layers where dinosaurs are, yet they live today. You never know! There may be dragons yet!

I have enjoyed sharing my C is for Creation post. I hope you have enjoyed my book treasures. What are your favorite resources for studying creation?


Kym said...

Those all look like great books with wonderful artwork.

Brittney said...

Thank you for all of the great book reviews! I will have to try to add some of these to our collection!

Kate said...

Thanks, ladies! I just love good books. I think even as an old grandma I will have to have these books around! :D


Beth B. said...

My son used to spend hours studying the flip open spread of the interior the Ark in the True Story of Noah's Ark.

Jennifer said...

When I see posts about beautiful books like these I wish that these were the sort of books my library carried.

Kate said...


I know exactly what you mean. Our library is so poorly stocked it is a total joke to me. I don't expect them to have books with a Christian viewpoint, but I do expect them to have *some* things. Almost every time I look for something it is not there. I think - what IS there?? lol

It makes me grateful I can buy them now and then. :)


Unknown said...

Oh bother, I think you just cost me money. I have only heard of one of these books :).