Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading Eggs - What's that?

When I first heard the name, Reading Eggs, I thought, What in the world? I had no idea what to expect or even what it was. As the Director of Product Reviews for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine's Homeschool Crew, sometimes I review what we receive and I decided to do that with this program. I am so glad I did!
My youngest daughter has had a very difficult time learning to read and our reading sessions have almost always been greeted with less than joyful enthusiasm. I have never considered an online interactive program, but I figured that Reading Eggs couldn't hurt, right? She took the reading evaluation test:

If this was for a younger child, her test would have been much simpler. She was placed in a certain level and began on the correct "map" of the program. This is what these maps look like:

She follows her character, a cute little just-hatching chick, around the path and does the lessons. She earns golden eggs that translate into surprise characters that hatch for her. Here is a lesson on the "ch" sound. First she clicks the three "ch" sounds:

Then she finds the sound amid other sound blends all the while listening to the "ch" sound.

Then she finds the sound amid foods that begin with "ch" as indicated by their name. She hovers over the food if she does not recognize it right away and it states what it is.

After that she blends two sounds that are repeated to say the word into one word by clicking first on the monkey and second on the chain. 

She does this three times and then the word comes together so she can read it completely.

The lesson goes on from there, and there are many different types of lessons (this is but one example) but I appreciate the way it builds from simple to more complex. She is always rewarded in some way. Here she is receiving stars that build towards some other reward. The program is very encouraging to the learner and I love this!

Reading Eggs is for beginning to early readers and is complete with 120 learn-to-read lessons and 96 spelling lessons. The side bar on the map looks like this:

As you can see, they have quite a few other areas for them to explore, learn, and play in. Each time she does her lessons, I receive a Reading Eggs Progress Report email that gives me information on how she is doing and what she has accomplished. I can tell you that she is accomplishing much more in her lessons with Reading Eggs than she was doing with our sit-on-the-couch stress time. This isn't to say that we will stop doing that, but we have taken a break to see how she progresses with this. Change can be good! This is what the progress report looks like for Emma: 

So the nice thing is that she really does have to do the work, or I find out about it! However, that has not been a problem because she ASKS to play Reading Eggs. She ASKS to read!

There is another section of the website called Reading Express. This is for older children. 

Reading Express is for readers who are capable of reading chapter books and beyond. It has 200 comprehension lessons and a "library full of more than 600 E-books." This part of the site has its own "Floating Island." It looks like this and swivels so your child can access each part. 

Here is the Library interface:

Here is the Gym interface:

Here is the Stadium interface:

This is something Emma did not do too much of, but I wanted to share it with you in case you have an older child that might be interested.

The website also has free printable activity sheets for all 120 lessons. The parent dashboard is friendly to use and easy to navigate. There is nothing to download as the program is housed on the Reading Eggs servers.

Reading Eggs offers a variety of pricing choices from $75.00 for twelve months or $49.95 for six months or for $9.95 for a monthly subscription. They also sell book sets listed on the same pricing page. There is a free trial to be had for those of you that want to try it out and you can find that right on the front page.

We are very pleased with this program and will continue to use it for at least another few months to see how she progresses. I plan to continue the subscription beyond our allotted time period and am excited to see my daughter motivated to learn! 

Give Reading Eggs a look! You might be as surprised as I was at how well it works for you!

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine. 


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yay for Emma!

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Yay indeed! :+) (And yay for Mama!)


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