Wednesday, February 29, 2012

B is for Bodacious Books

We have been reading here at the Kessler house. I have so many good books that I have accumulated over the years. I recently received new-to-me bookshelves, and it was such fun to go through all those old friends on the shelf to sort and organize. LOVE that! Here is the finished product:

So from my favorite shelves (the ones with the marvelous picture books that NO one is too old for) I pulled four the other night. These are the ones we read.

When You Were Small is an adorable book. The story is about a little boy names Henry and his father's stories about when he was little--really little. :)

"When you were small we used you as a chess piece, because our chess board was missing one of the knights and you were the perfect size."

The artwork is soft and delightful colored sketches. It is a very sweet book.

The Lightlings is a beautiful allegory of the King of Light. I am just going to share the description from ChristianBook.com because it is so good!

"Dr. R.C. Sproul weaves an allegorical tale that captures the essence of the biblical story of redemption in a manner that will fascinate and delight children. A race of tiny beings known as lightlings represent humanity as they pass through all the stages of the biblical drama--creation, fall, and redemption. In the end, children will understand why some people fear light more than darkness, but why they need never fear darkness again."

We have listened to R.C. Sproul's story books and CDs for years. Here are some of his best:
Book: The Priest with Dirty Clothes  
CD: The Priest With Dirty Clothes

Book: The King Without a Shadow
CD: The King Without A Shadow

LOVE these stories of God's beautiful redemption of His people!

Caedmon's Song is a book I like for many reasons. I found this story many years ago and have used it for our medieval studies. I love the history of the real Caedmon that it is based upon. I also love it because my brother used this name for his son. :)

It is a story about stories, about a time long gone when people sat around the fire and shared history through poetry and minstrelsy. It is a lovely book.

This last one came to me via a review I did for TOS, The Cat At NightThe artwork is particularly intriguing as it uses black a lot at night to show what we see and the next page to show what the cat sees. If you have a cat-loving child, as I do, this is a really fun one. What does your outdoor kitty do at night? Does he sleep on the porch or does he explore? This kitty explores! 

I am going to be making a book series like this, and this is the first post. It is also my B is for Bodacious Books in the Blogging Through the Alphabet with Ben and Me! I hope you enjoy it. I have had the privilege to seeing a lot of gorgeous hardback books in my review/library/homeschool catalog time so I have many great finds to share. 



The Bertone's said...

Love them! We have totes and totes of books. I need to get more shelves for ours, and we would have quite the library. Gotta love books!

Carrie said...


Another great book is Grandpa's Box...LOVED reading that book with my children...what a fun post...I may copy the flavor of it...
I LOVE bookshelves...if only there were MORE WALLS!

Kirsten @ homeschool discoveries said...

I love your book shelves! Caedmon's song sounds like a great book -- I just added it to my "wish list". :)

Unknown said...

First of all, love love love the bookshelves.

And secondly, I can't believe I've never read any of these books. I'm such a huge fan of picture books.

Can't wait to check these out!

Charlotte said...

Love the shelves! And the books to, of course. :-)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous bookshelves! And the books sound wonderful!! I'm always watching for good books!

Kate said...

Thanks, ladies! I do love my bookshelves! :D Glad you found something worth reading here. Big picture books are some of my favorites and I have many more that I will be posting about in the future. :D


{leah} said...

I love how organized the bookshelves are!! We too have so many books, and while I love them all!!! I don't look forward to moving them all...