Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seasonal Updating

Such a pretty flower! We have a section of gladiolus in the corner that bloom every summer and bring the hummingbirds and sometimes swallowtail butterflies. I just love the way they look in all forms, but up close is particularly pretty. :) All of these pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

This is new to our EarthBox this year, butternut squash. I just love the rich color of the foliage and how large and lush these plants are getting. It will be delightful to eat the squash when the weather is cold and grey.

This is one of our chamomile flowers. I love the simplicity of the colors yet the tiny complex center is full of detail!

I am amazed at the shot my girl took here. There is a hummingbird pair that are frequenting our yard and they are such fun to watch. This one, I think it is the male, allowed my Elizabeth to get close enough to get this shot. So neat!

Our chicklettes are growing well. After losing one baby, we replaced it with two new ones for a total of seven. You can really start to see the green feet on the Ameraucana!

These looks just kill me. Don't they look irritated? LOL

And just to keep things from seeming too normal, here is one of our snakes, Hermione. :)

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Four Jordans said...

Chickens are the best at giving you a stink eye. Just wait until they squawk and all come at you begging for treats. :)