Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Good Day!

Every day is always different when you homeschool. Today was a good day. :)

My youngest learner, Emma, has had a tough time mastering the art of reading. We have been plodding through for some time and increasing in ability though it is slow going. I thought I would just try and see how she would do with my favorite first reader, Free and Treadwell: The Primer from Yesterday's Classics. (Sample of this book here.) This was the book that made all the difference to Elizabeth's reading success. Emma did spectacularly well! She was unafraid to keep reading once she started and even begged me to allow her to read the second story. She read nine pages today. That is just huge to us and I am praising God for such a blessing. :)

Science topics of varying interests have been playing a bigger role this week in our homeschool. Abigail bought Thames & Kosmos Technology and Electronics Electronics Workshop with a Christmas Amazon giftcard and John decided he wanted to spend part of his giftcard and try his hand with the ScienceWiz Inventions Experiment Kit. Both arrived this week. This is John and his telegraph.

The telegraph up close:

I love that they choose these things on their own. It makes the teacher in me happy. (Especially since science is not my biggest strength.) Hannah decided to buy a Kindle with her giftcard money and I have to say, I am a little envious of all the amazing free books she is downloading off of Amazon to have at the ready!

I also decided to break down and buy a few heirloom seeds from a site I found and really liked last year, Cherry Gal. The seeds worked well and we had the best English cucumbers ever. The prices are fantastic and the choices are wide. If you are interested in buying once and harvesting your seeds each year (something I completely forgot to do with the cucumbers, but remembered to do with the basil) I recommend you order early to plant indoors in early spring. I look forward to gardening again this year. What about you? Will you grow anything this year in your yard?

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