Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden Itch

I know it is too early to begin gardening, but I am thinking about it! My order from Cherry Gal is on its way and this is what I bought:

Butternut Squash, Cabbage, Pickling Cucumber, English Cucumber, Radish, Zucchini, Rutabaga, Radicchio, Sweet Basil, Snow Peas, Lettuce Mix, Spearmint, and one flower just for fun, Bread Seed Poppy.

All are heirloom seeds so all should be able to be harvested for seeds at the end of the growing season. We will see how diligent I am on that! I will be buying some starter melon plants and heirloom tomato plants from a local nursery that has an astounding selection of veggies each year (Capital Nursery for you local friends). I always get the itch around this time and that is good for without it, I am not sure I would be so dedicated. :)

This is what I am hoping to recreate this year sans the corn:

I love my EarthBoxes! :)

I am going to try to use some of my ground this year too. This is very difficult because the ground is hard as a rock come summer and not much grows well there. If we do it, we will have to put some better soil in the places and weed like crazy since we have the worst Bermuda grass problem and there is no hope of removing it. We shall see how it all goes. The wishes I want in winter are not always realized in the spring and summer! :)


Jean in Wisconsin said...

Have you considered square-foot gardens?
You buy the soil mixture and mix them together--they are very easy to weed and stir up when you go to plant the next year--no hoeing! Just an idea.

Here is one of mine:

It might be easier than replacing dirt in your yard and then trying to keep it weeded. With a weed barrier in the bottom, there are almost no weeds.

Just an idea. :)


Kate said...

Jean, that is a really great suggestion. We have a *truly* horrible problem with Bermuda grass though in that it does come up through the weed mat, but perhaps if we did it in a different manner with a thicker one it might be worth trying.

I am going to look into it because we cannot buy more Earthboxes at this time.


Jean in Wisconsin said...

You can put a board in the bottom with holes for drainage. You can cover the holes with cloth to keep the dirt from falling out. Also, if you want, you could block the gardens up off the ground an inch or two.

BTW, the 1st edition of this book is really poor. If you find one in the library, make sure you have the newer edition.


Charlotte said...

So funny that I posted about the same thing last week...when are you starting your indoor seeds? And Capital Nursery has the best selection too!