Monday, October 04, 2010

Pleased as Punch

I am now into week whatever with our homeschooling this year and I have to say I am very pleased with Susan Wise Bauer's, Writing with Ease, Level One Workbook and Writing with Ease, Level Two Workbook as well as First Language Lessons, Level 3. They are exceptional programs that make it terribly easy to teach quality grammar and writing to younger children. I am using it with my two littles, ages 8 and 10. The focus on summarizing a passage via narration as well as the dictation and copywork are the perfect fit for us. The Language Lessons level we are using is working well for my ten year-old and I love that it is in bites easily digestible for her.

Reading was a huge struggle for her and she is coming along so nicely now. I feel so blessed to have been able to teach her at her level in her time without the pressure of meeting some arbitrary state timeline. She is unafraid to read and does not dread it. This is a big big deal to me. To hear her read words that she has to decode on her own and to see her do it - well there is nothing like it.

My "baby" is coming along nicely too. We discovered at the Modesto Homeschool Convention this year, a wonderful little reading curriculum all in one book. http://www.readysetreadnow.com is the website. Emma is doing so well with it and I am seeing some major progress in her reading ability. She has struggled with reading too, but is overcoming it and I am so happy for both of us! :) The company is changing the name of the program since the name is so similar to one already out there. It is not the same in any way though--and this is a good thing in my mind! :D

It is a lovely thing when, as a homeschool parent, you discover curriculum that really works. Sometimes it doesn't matter and you can use anything, but sometimes things just "click" and that is the case here. It is just making our homeschool life that much easier--and I like that!

Are you using anything that just fits for you this year?

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