Monday, April 19, 2010

Glorious Monday!

Some Mondays are hard. Today is not! It is a lovely breezy day with spotty sunshine. We have much planned ahead of us and not the least of which is a very exciting day planned to visit the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Bouquets to Art is this week and I am so excited. I studied floral design in college and we visited this event then. It was a spectacular showcase of floral art in combination with the permanent collection housed there. 20 (cough) years ago was the last time I attended and this week I will be going with my children, my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother. Four generations of family!

We will also be belatedly celebrating what used to be an every-year family tradition of Saint Patrick's Day. Now those who read this blog regularly know we do Saint Patrick's Day pretty big here, but I have not had a full-family SPD event in many many years and my children have never celebrated it with their 100% Irish Great Grandmother due to distance and timing. Wednesday evening will be it then! (Hey - we can celebrate Saint Patrick in the middle of April, right?) :D My Grandmother is 91 and I know she isn't going to be around forever. Do you have family like that? I love the time I spend with my Grandmother and rejoice that my children have that blessing.

It has been many months since we have spent any time with my mother and her husband and we are excited to do so. Family is a gift of God and we are grateful for them! What are you grateful for this week?



kristenph said...

Sounds like a full and exciting week. My children have a 100% Irish great-grandfather. (But he's not living, he died when my husband was a child.) He immigrated from Ireland to Canada and then to New York in the 1920's I think (and he was about 30 by that time.) My husband is not as old as this would make it sound though. There are some really wide generations in his family:)

Anonymous said...


I hope your time with your family is a joy! What fun for you all to go see such a lovely art display in SF. :)



Anonymous said...

Kate, have a fun time this week! I would love to see some pictures, especially of the bouquets if it is allowed. :-)



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit to SF and your time with your mother and grandmother. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you next Sunday!


hugabunchmom said...

I hope to stay back. I have gotten so out of this habit of blogging. I'm making the rounds though and hope to become much more regular! It is great to hear what you are up to. ((hugs))