Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Musings (On Monday!) :+)

What I'm thinking: How I am blessed to have my delightful son as it is his birthday today!

What I'm reading: Lord of the Rings - I usually read it once a year, but skipped last year. It is so much better than the movies and I love the movies!

What I'm listening to: My children figuring out who is right. That is so important you know. LOL

What we're learning: Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I, the first book of Samuel

What I'm watching: We are still trying to see Avatar.

What's cooking: Roast chicken at the request of the birthday boy, mashed potatoes, salad and an ice cream cake.

What I'm buying: Birthday presents!

What I'm wearing: The same long flannel nightgown! (I told you it was my favorite winter attire! :+)

What I'm thankful for: The birthday boy!

What I'm creating: Ice cream cake.

What I'm praying: God's will for our lives.

What I'm planning: Wednesday co-op day. I had a funky dream that Wednesday arrived and I had absolutely nothing planned. It wasn't awesome.

What I'm looking forward to: Dinner

A picture to share: The birthday boy on the left and his birthday friend on the right! They are only a few days apart (plus a few years!) Thanks, Charlotte, for the picture! :+) 

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Anonymous said...

Loved this, Kate. I have had that same co-op dream where I had nothing prepared...LOL!