Sunday, January 10, 2010


Another year! Time keeps marching on whether I am available for it to do so or not. :+) I am excited about this new year and grateful for every day.

We start our second week back post-break tomorrow and it is going well. I set up a schedule/check-off list for each child right before we started back last week and it has been working remarkably well. So much so that my younger two keep reminding me of the things we have yet to do all day until they are accomplished! This is both wonderful and frustrating all at the same time. LOL I am grateful though, in truth, but it makes for a very busy day. Homeschooling five with all different levels of study is really a challenge, but a good challenge. At the end of last week I thought to myself, wow, this is hard work, but work I want to be involved with. So we work!

Last week I had a wonderful night out with a dear friend. We started at the Fox and Goose Pub for dinner where I had the *best* fish and chips! It was a wonderful old brick building with very British decor. It was a fun "flash back" to England for me and wonderfully Americanized because there was no smoking! :D Then we headed to the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento to see the beautifully gifted George Winston. His talent is so multifaceted it simply astounds me. Not only can he play some of the most beautiful piano solos, but he also plays very complicated guitar and harmonica pieces. I did not expect that at this concert. I also did not expect that he would be so unassuming. He wore jeans, a blue Oxford shirt and sox!! Evidently he plays best that way as Diane said that is how she has seen him play twice before--even in a suit! :+) Our seats were unbeatable and his playing superb. Thank you again, my sweet friend, for the glorious evening of time just with you!

We wrapped up our first semester artist study on Raphael. His artwork was unmatched--even today. It brought tears to my eyes a few times while studying it, it was so beautiful. I cannot imagine having that kind of gift. We are now moving on to an American artist, John Singer Sargent. He was, in effect, homeschooled! That was a fascinating discovery. Of course they wouldn't have called it that, but it is how he was educated. His mother, I would hazard a guess, would have been called an unschooler. :+) We are just beginning our study about him from the wonderful and free Ambleside Online art schedule. What a tremendous resource Ambleside is! My dear friend Nancy, is educating us on our new composer, Edward Elgar. I love what she brings out and shares with our family. Dawn is sharing and teaching scripture to the children as well as a study of maps in our geography course, and Charlotte is teaching a hymn this month. A rich time of fellowship and learning!

God is faithful and we are resting in Him. Welcome 2010!


deedeeuk said...

As it has been awhile since you were in England I thought I'd update you! LOL!

Today your fish and chips in a pub would be smoke free as well since just over a year ago they passed a law prohibiting smoking inside any public buildings. Of course you would have to fight your way through a cloud of smoke around the doorway just to get in - but at least there is no smoke inside anymore.

Glad you enjoyed your evening out! - Deedee

UndertheSky said...


Nice to "see" you again! Wow, that is a shocker! I am surprised that passed. I hope you are well! :D



aamagistra said...

So glad to see you back in the blogosphere, my dear friend! I can't wait to read more.


Anonymous said...

You're alive!! (I know you are alive in person, but I'm so glad you are back in blogsphere) Love your update and love your family!!