Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good stuff out there.

I just love finding things online that I didn't know were there. :D One of my children needs a little extra work to really learn this lesson in her Math U See so I went to the site to see if they had anything that might help. Did they ever! They have a worksheet generator that you can specify for different lessons. So not only does she have fresh problems to work with, I don't have to think them up! It will even generate the answer key if you want it to. What a bonus! Poof, her math lesson is ready for tomorrow! I love MUS!

In our Mystery of History study we have been learning *so* much. The Reformation and the Renaissance are such amazing and heroic times. Right now we are reading a marvelous book about John Calvin. He is one of my heroes. The book is called, The River of Grace: The Story of John Calvin. It begins when he is seven and goes through his early life, his conversion upon examining the scriptures for himself, and his roll in the formation of the reformed church. It never ceases to astound me how little people knew of God and His word in the church at this time. Even the services in the churches were in Latin and the common man could not understand! I praise God for the Reformation. We would not have the light of His word were it not for courageous men and woman during the Reformation! We are very much enjoying it.

My newest review product I am working on is a biology program from Science Shepherd. It is beautifully put together and very thorough. I am excited about it. More on that in the future!

Even in the midst of our crazy winter storms I am starting to think about spring. What will we plant in our EarthBoxes this year? I have purchased a few heirloom seeds as the one bean heirloom from last year worked so wonderfully. (And we harvested the seeds again of course for this year!) The site is a little wonky for finding what you want, but Cherry Gal is where I chose to purchase the seeds I wanted purely because they had English cumcumbers! She has a neat selection and we bought some herbs and a few other veggie seeds. Spring will be fun!

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Anonymous said...

I was just having a conversation yesterday about Math U See and how it is important not to go on in the book unless you have that lesson down. We were discussing the fact that there are not any 'extra' worksheets in case one of our kids get stuck. This solves that problem! Thank you so much for sharing this!!