Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a quick note...

These folks sent me an email and I thought it was worth mentioning here. Remnant Books is a neat site that sells used books for some very good prices. I was surprised to find them for $1.50 or $2.00! That is a really good deal!

I just came back from the Valley Home Educators Conference in Modesto. The vibe was not quite the excited one that it was last year, but there was still a good amount of folks there and as always, a fantastic selection of delectable curriculum choices to peruse. I love that part of it. Surprisingly, even amidst my job of being surrounded by new curriculum on a regular basis, it still holds that "new book smell" for me and I love seeing the neat new things out there.

Science Excursion was my favorite discovery of the conference. I was able to bring home the level 4-6 and cannot wait to start it with the children! What a neat neat curriculum that covers all sorts of areas in a very hands-on manner. Check them out!

"To Be One" is the other product that I look forward to viewing. The producer was a very neat young man. This is an unusual take on getting-to-marriage relationships as it does not take one road and make it "God's Plan" for all. I really look forward to seeing it up close.

That's all for now! What are you planning for the next year? I am hoping to spend some time writing up my list of "will dos" for the next year. What about you?

Oh, and a note about our EarthBox experience--the review. :+)

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hugabunchmom said...

I am so thankful for you, and very glad to see I am not the only one slacking a bit on blogging. I suppose it is an inevitable part of FB! It is good to see here what you have been up to, thanks for the next post with the links to the paper projects. I look forward to checking those out!!