Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Happy Praise

Sometimes this being a homeschool mom is hard work. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to accomplish something meaningful and important, but oh, is it worth it. We have had a real struggling reader here for some time and recently by the grace of God, an excellent recommendation from a dear friend in the same boat, and a wee bit of dedication have brought about fruits that are wonderful to behold. This is my new reader, Elizabeth, reading out loud a wonderful book from Yesterdays Classics called Reading Literature: The Primer, by Harriette Taylor Treadwell. She was reading to me with such excitement and delight - I was laughing with joy!

And here she is *after* we were done reading out loud - just reading for the *fun* of it. I thought it was hilarious that she set herself up on the kitchen counter with her pillow and just read away. She read half of the book in one sitting. I cannot tell you what relief, happiness, excitement and gratefulness to the Lord filled my heart. It was truly a monumental day. God is *so* good!

The curriculum suggested by a friend was not only amazing, but also totally free. This is the site that has a *lot* of reading help. It says it is for teaching children with dyslexia, but they have all sorts of resources for those with and without it. Elizabeth never had it, but I am sure grateful for the resources! The best part is at the bottom - the Downloadable Workbooks. Read the types of workbooks available and then copy the code and paste in the place it tells you to. (It is all very easy, actually) and then download to your computer. The one I used for Elizabeth was, Spell, Say, and Write--A Synthesis of the Phonics and Whole Word Systems: A Beginner's Workbook for School or Home Study. We didn't move on until she "got" the one she was working on. Redo and redo – that has been the key for us. :+)
I just had to share. This has been such an exciting time!

The book Elizabeth was reading is a wonderful book of real stories that increase in difficulty and have a lot of repetition to increase fluency. Here is the sample of the book with the table of contents. I really love this company and wanted to share it with you too. :+)


Mel said...

That is AWESOME. :-) R. battled me about reading - and then she took off with it. I just got her report card today for 3rd quarter and it says she's well above reading level and doing great on comprehension. Big diff from a year-ish ago.

It's so wonderful when it "clicks" for them!




ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Looks like Elizabeth experienced a real breakthrough - too cute!

Gena said...

This is homeschooling at its finest! I love that she's curled up on the counter like that with her pillow! Man she's getting big, Kate. Where does the time go?! I remember when she was BORN!