Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love learning new things!

My brother has a son named Caedmon. Before Christmas I found a book that bore his name; Caedmon's Song. I gave them the book because how often, really, are you going to come across that name, right? :+) Well today in history we learned that the group, Caedmon's Call, took their name from this monk because he was gifted in the art of poetry/song. Tonight my brother told me they took the name from this group because they loved it. (And I love it too.) We gave him the book not knowing the whole circle and I just think that is so neat. :+)

Completely unrelated, but still neat, I also learned about Blackwork tonight. Wow, talk about beautiful! And wow, talk about time consuming! The samples on Wiki are amazing. Especially beautiful are the Elizabethan Era work. Just lovely!

I just love learning new things - some personal and some not, but I just love that I can, at the age of 38, be just as excited about learning something new as my children are at seeing a deer or a wild turkey on a nature walk. (Which we did see yesterday on our lovely nature adventure here.) Though truth me told, I was pretty excited about those things too. It was a perfect almost spring day. Green everywhere, hardly any pollen about to spoil it (though I did take a fake Clariton before embarking!) We walked on haphazard paths that meandered down to the American River. I was sad we didn't have our camera, but the memories are there for the keeping. Jack rabbits and squirrels were busy too and the nature center had live owls and opossum. It was a very worthwhile day.

Spring is already starting to come forth in its beautiful glory. The trees are everywhere in bloom. Some are just spectacular to behold. We have planted our first zucchini and are planning the rest of our garden. I am awaiting an EarthBox for review with great anticipation. With one box we will have to choose carefully what we put into it to see the best results. We are trying to utilize our small backyard space as best we can to produce as much as we can. We shall see! Spring is always a very exciting time around here. :+)

So, what are you learning about? What has you excited?


jenig said...

yay you blogged!

and wow, you're right... i'd not heard of blackwork but that is really lovely. i'm glad we don't have to dress us like that now a days, tho. i am so lazy. it takes all i gots just to change outta the puhjammies by early afternoon

love you my beautiful friend!

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