Thursday, February 05, 2009

February already!

It is amazing to me that we have already arrived in February. We have two birthdays in February that are significant to our family. John enters double digits on Sunday and Abigail is to turn 12 on Valentine's Day. She was a gift to us and was the only child to arrive at a decent and sensible hour. John was already given his birthday bike and was exceedingly happy to get it. He, Daddy, Abigail, and Hannah spent a good portion of the day on a lengthy excursion together. I took the littles to shop and have fun together. They are easy to please at the wee ages of 6 and 8. :+)

Abigail was also given a portion of her birthday gifts early, an Elephant Heart Plum tree that she has wanted since last year. That girl loves to garden and I will let her do it! :+) We are hoping to have a harvest in a few years if we take good care of it. The plums are juicy and red and should make for yummy eating. We also have a very pretty apricot that provides us a small gathering of fruit every other year. They are delightfully good though sparse in turnout.

Spring has arrived quite early here and I am not exactly ready for it yet. Spring is a tough and wonderful time for us. Allergies make it tough, but the weather and the planting of gardens makes it wonderful. The grass will turn green again and the cold will go away and as long as it stays coolish to warmish I am a happy clam. We are blessed here in central CA, with very mild weather almost all the time. We expect a "thunder storm" this weekend, but I imagine my friends in the midwest would give a hearty laugh could they experience what we term "thunder storm." I don't know what I would do if I ever found myself in a genuine one! :+)

We are in the midst of reading our second year of The Mystery Of History, Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages and we are really enjoying this year too.A friend just recently asked me what I would purchase again to use if everything in my house burned down. This was one of the products. I *love* this program. We have learned so much. It is such a blessing to learn this way.

We flesh it out with some of the best books out there. Right now we are reading a wonderful book that happens to be in a series. This is the first of four. It is called Peril and Peace Volume 1: Chronicles of the Ancient Church. This is a compilation of stories of the early church giants beginning with Paul. It is a moving account and sometimes I find myself on the verge of tears. As Tertullian, an early church father said, "In the blood of the martyrs lies the seed of the Church." This is an important book to share with your children.

What a blessing it has been and continues to be, to learn with my children!! What are you learning?  


Eyebright said...

I can't wait for spring! We want to run barefoot in the grass, and play outdoor games, and go hiking, and geocaching, and all of that fun stuff.

As for learning, I graduated last year, but I am still kind of doing some "school". I'm just reading books mostly. I am reading about the last czar of Russia, and the events that lead to that country becoming communist. That has mostly been very interesting so far, although, I dread the end, because I know what happens!

Have a very bright, very cheerful day!

Miss Eyebright

JenIG said...

I think it's time for Abigail to come and live at my house. I promise to feed her at least once a day


JenIG said...

... if you... want to buy me flowers... just go ahead now


JenIG said...

I gotta new skirt. watch me run

JenIG said...

I have a plan. Meet me in MN, FL and OH this spring.