Monday, November 03, 2008

Culmination of the Mystery

I have been motivated recently - motivated to really get some good schooling done. We had a lovely Sunday and overnight with some dear friends and when they left today, we jumped right into school. We were ending our Mystery of History Volume 1 and I was ready. In the fullness of time - He came forth. The last lessons were on Christ. Wow - what a tremendous resource. I don't know how to explain my joy or explain *why* I have such joy at this curriculum except to share with you something my eldest wrote at the end of her final semester test. The question was this:

What have you learned about the prophets of the Old Testament?

Now please understand that when we started this book, I had no idea what we were really going to learn. I had no idea what my children would walk away with or whether they would enjoy it at all. I had no idea they would learn so much about so many Bible personalities among the secular ones with whom we are so familiar. I really had no idea that we would be learning about the prophets or why that would even be as important as it is for understanding scripture as a whole. This was her answer.

I am going to relate some of the amazing facts about the Old Testament prophets. The prophet Micah predicted the place of Jesus' birth. Ezekiel witnessed bones return to life, ate a scroll, and saw a wheel within a wheel. Joel prophesied during a locust plague. Habakkuk wrote letters to God. Amos was a fig farmer. Huldah was a prophetess who revealed to King Josiah the will of the Lord. Jeremiah, known as the 'weeping prophet', foretold the enslavement of Israel. Isaiah's beautiful words have been compared with the rest of the Bible. Jonah, the first prophet to Nineveh, was swallowed by a giant fish, and spit out three days later. Obadiah prophesied to the Edomites, the descendents of Esau. Elijah, who was known as the 'fiery prophet', was taken up into heaven by a chariot of fire. He was also mentor to Elisha who, even in death, brought people back to life by the mere touch of his bones. These are just some of the wonders that God's faithful servants saw and did, for His glory. 

I can be honest with you and share that *I* don't even know all these things and *I* taught them through MOH! This came out of the top of her head, was hastily written, and she had more to offer had I given her the chance. I am simply stunned with the knowledge she has acquired through Mystery of History--on the prophets alone! Not only Bible history of course, but all sorts of wonderful ancient history meshed with the real living people of Scripture. And this is only one of my children. The other two I use it with have also really enjoyed it and learned a great deal too.

The way Linda Hobar wrote the last three lessons continually brought tears to my eyes. It is abundantly clear that she loves her Savior - loves the same Lord I do. This book was written to the glory of God, for the building up of the saints, and I am so grateful. I just wanted Linda Hobar to know - this family is eternally grateful for her work.    

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