Saturday, August 02, 2008

Catching up on July 4th

So July has been busy! Can you tell by my frequent posts? Haha. We began our month with a trip to one of the prettiest places - Lake Tahoe. We stayed in the most amazing resort as a kindness of Mark's boss. WOW was pretty much our thought upon arrival and during our stay! What a place. Here are some photos. Many of these are click-able to enlarge them. From Squaw Valley:

My beautiful friend, Grace and her baby girl, Hannah, and me. Grace is the kind of friend that once you have you never lose. She is a dear and precious person and I feel so blessed to know her! And her baby is funny and sassy and darling - all wrapped into one little curly-headed girl. :)

And it was the fourth of July and here is one of my sassy silly girls with Grace's other child, David. What faces!

We took the most beautiful hike. You can see the smokey sky as the CA fires were still in full force at this time.

It was so green and lush and lovely. I didn't expect that in July, but wow, it was so pretty!

I loved this one:

And I got all excited on our hike because I thought I had located hemlock. I started thinking of all sorts of medieval poisons (and Brother Cadfael mysteries) that could be made from it. (Not by me of course, but what I have read over the years.) It wasn't hemlock. It was cow parsnip. LOL

I was so happy this picture turned out. I love the colors of the yellow Mule's Ears and the purple Forget Me Nots. If you click on it, you will see just how pretty it is up close.

We also found Indian Paintbrush:

I loved the look of this with the lush green foliage surrounding it. The name is so pretty too: Thimbleberry. Doesn't that make you think of a fairy? :)

And the Western Columbine was just beautiful:

And this is the best of all. All the beautiful flowers of my own garden:

So that was our Fourth of July. :)


Mommyto3inAZ said...

What a beautiful place and what a beautiful family! Makes me want to visit Lake Tahoe.



Melissa at Our Side said...

Glad you had a good time!

JenIG said...

I took a two hour nap today (after waking up at almost 10 am). Not only that, I woke up laughing about 'burns'. a;lskdjf;asjfslakjfda;fjs;a

Miguel just got home and is about to make me a special dinner. ah, what a lucky girl am I.

love you!

(your pics make me miss Cali)


hugabunchmom said...

I love your pictures, thank you so much for sharing and I am so glad you had a great trip. I can hardly believe July is over...don't even know where it went! Anyway, on to August!! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Oh what neat pictures! I miss lake Tahoe... but the outskirts of anchorage are pretty amazing too. We have forget me not's here and I am so tickled when I spot them, along with fireweed... I'll have to do a post soon on pretty wild flowers that we have around here. We're going to be in Northern Cali in Sept, so I'm hoping my wonderful husband and I can also visit Tahoe... and with any luck all the smoke will finally be gone. Hope you're doing well! Lord Bless you guys!



sonoranstamper said...

What a great vacation!!!

These are great pictures!!! Did you take these?

I love the Western Columbine!!! I think it's because I just love these two colors together!!

The pic of your daughter is priceless!!! You'll have to hang onto that and show here when she's an adult. She'll love you for it!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip! I've only been to Lake Tahoe once and have wanted to go back ever since. Its so beautiful there!



Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you will check mine out sometime at http://flowersfadetruthremains.blogspot.com/

I am a "new" homeschool mother of 2 children. My daughter is 11 and my son is 10. Last year was our first yr of homeschooling...learning curve for all of us! =)