Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scattered post with no real focus...

You were warned with the title! :+) Here I sit at 10:23 pm when I should really be getting myself ready for bed. I am recovering from a nasty chest cold so I really should be getting on, but I have missed chatting here. Life seems to be flying by that I have not made much time for this. I have had so many good resources come my way though, that I keep thinking, I have to blog about this! Now that I am here I am sure I won't remember most of them. LOL


I did want to share a fantastic new Christian historical fiction series from a really talented author called the Viking Quest Series. These were so engaging to me that I literally flittered a day away reading them! I rarely do such a thing, but these were good! And they are for your children so that tells you they are quite likely to draw them in too. (And I have the proof in my second daughter!)

We have been *so* enjoying our Mystery of History study! I mean *really* loving it. So much more than I ever thought we would. I think I keep saying that but the curriculum keeps surprising me by its coverage of so many things! :+) We also just read Victory on the Walls and really enjoyed it! It is quite close to the book of Nehemiah that it teaches so much in the story. I really felt for the Israelites and the faith of Nehemiah is real and vibrant. I highly recommend it! 


I am in the midst of planning for next year. I have not felt so scattered as far as school planning goes in a while. I have not been able to devote any serious time to it and with five children in the hopper next year I feel I need a few days to let my brain percolate on it. Really though, good luck to me trying to find those days! I will have to carve out some time once my real responsibilities are done for the day. It is something I really enjoy once I am into it though. The excitement of the next year is always a thrilling thing to look forward to even if it scares me a bit. :+) Have you finished your planning? What about your buying? That is the hardest part, isn't it? LOL

We have a new van! It is a lovely 2007 Town & Country minivan and we are so very blessed and happy to have it. I mean SO very happy!!! We also happened to need a new stove *and* dishwasher at the same time so needless to say it has been a banner week for Lowe's. :+) Too bad that rebate check hasn't arrived! I think we are doing just what they want us to do with it without it. LOL

So I have been following the election cycle pretty closely and am as diappointed as one gal can possibly be at this point. I don't know what to hope and pray for other than for God to be glorified. I don't feel we can ever feel hopeless, but I sure feel disgusted by the fare being dishes up to us from both sides. Would that Ron Paul stood a real fighting chance. I will probably vote for him anyway by write-in, but you know, I sometimes wonder what our country would *do* with someone like him in office! Just the thoughts of what could happen are enough to make me giggle. :+)

So that is not much to pour out of my brain at this time of night, I am afraid. I apologize for the most schizophrenic post I have offered you in a long while now. I hope to be more centered soon - once I stop coughing up my lungs. :+)   


Beth said...

I am THRILLED to hear you say how much ya'll are enjoying Mystery of History! We are doing that next year for the 1st time! (We are also doing Sonlight Core 5 and Maine History) - think I got a little carried away?? lol. Actually Core 5 is slated to take us two years. Anyhoo, I am so happy to read about your experience!

Also - on the elections - I feel the same way.



hugabunchmom said...

I will keep you in my prayers as you get over this nasty cold! And I happen to have enjoyed your schizophrenic post, I'm sure everyone else will as well. I believe late nights offer up some of our best work. ;-) Or, at least for me it usually does. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're on the mend. ((Hug))

We bought the VQ series from RR last month but haven't had Hannah start reading them yet (she's zooming through the Narnia books right now). I should start reading them! I saw them come through on the list and thought "DOH!" LOL

Oh the election...the candidates...I know, blech....