Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you.

Sometimes the holidays we have in our country come and go and not much happens on my end to commemorate them. Memorial Day was a day we spent around the house trying to recover from not feeling so great. Today though, I discovered a site that made my heart hurt, but in that good must-never-forget kind of way. Through a story on CNN I learned about Project Compassion.


These amazing artists paint portraits for the families of every active duty soldier who has fallen in the line of duty since September 11, 2001. I spent a good deal of time in the gallery. There are hundreds of paintings. Every single soldier I met there had died in the service of our country.  I feel every single one of those eyes has died for me. 


The paintings are varied and done by several artists; most are portraits in military style. Some are not though. The ones that moved me the most were the ones with children in them--like the one where the daddy holds his newborn baby or the one with the laughing child on his daddy's back. My husband has never had to serve, to put his life on the line, for his country. I have been selfishly grateful he has never been in harm's way. But I know that if he had given the ultimate sacrifice it would have been terribly difficult for his children. I know that so many families have had to offer that kind of sacrifice and I just want to say thank you. I know it isn't much - that thank you. It won't make up for your loss, but I am grateful. God go with you and give you His peace.


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hugabunchmom said...

Wow, what a phenomenal site, and tear jerker. Thanks for the reminder, what a good place to go and think about that ultimate sacrifice. Not only of the men and women who serve, but most definitely for the sacrifice of their families who must go on without them. You offer a good reminder of what is important in life...and who we need to thank for the free lives we live. Like you, I have selfishly been thankful that my husband could not serve, although he wanted to, as ridiculous as it sounds--flat feet kept him out. But the day will come that my three boys will register to serve their country, either by choice or by calling of need, and they will. And I will pray...just as so many families before me do. Hugs!