Saturday, April 12, 2008

These golden years...

Life at our house has been pretty busy as you can probably tell by my extreme lack of attention to this blog! :+) So much has been going on that I have not had five minutes to compose an entry. So I am stealing time tonight and sharing photos. My seven year-old has lost her first top tooth. She was quite the happy girl once the deed was done, but it hurt so much to get the very loose tooth out that the tooth fairy gave her $2.00. :+)

We spent one of the nicest days at a tremendous gold rush living history site near Coloma. Below are a few photos from that wonderful event. If you click on the photo you can see a larger version. Here are the children hand-dipping candles. I was amazed at how many dips it takes to make a candle! It was well over 40.

Here are the beautiful finished products. Don't they look so pretty hanging there?

Here they are making rope with twine. They were making a very long rope the old fashioned way!

Here is another gorgeous shot of the area we were enjoying that day along with the rope twisters. :+)

Here they are making butter, ice cream, grinding wheat, and making fresh whole wheat tortillas by hand. All were wonderfully fresh and delicious!

Here is Abigail churning butter. This was such wonderful butter!

Here is the gold rush country in the spring. This picture was taken right by the American River as we were panning for gold. We did find some and now I finally know how to do it! There was not *much* to be found as I was only able to take gold dust, but boy, I could see the lure of it. It was something to figure out how to glean the gold from the riverbed!

Life has been hectic, but it has been so beautiful here. The weather just yesterday was 85! We have planted our garden and the flowers are all starting to bloom. It is a lovely time of year and we have had hardly any allergies! What a blessing. I hope you are all doing well!


Anonymous said...

How fun, Kate. We've attended some living history days in our area and have always had a lot of fun and learned a ton. We were just in gold country last weekend and, yes, it is VERY beautiful this time of year.


Lisa Winton


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like fun, we were recently able to do something similar with our kids and it was so much fun! We really enjoyed being able to sample all the food that was made from scratch!!

Dana said...

But such a beautiful one. We're spoiled/blessed with such amazing weather. I think that alone cuts down the time to blog.

One of these times we need to get over and do the gold rush thing. I'm almost embaressed to say we haven't!

Happy Spring to you Kate!

hugabunchmom said...

What a tremendous place to visit and learn with the kids! And 85 degrees? You guys must be really ready for summer at that rate. We had been warming up, but it has definitely cooled off once again. I'm glad to hear you are busy with GOOD things, missing blog updates to spend more time with family is always a great thing! Enjoy them! Hugs.

barbieheart said...

What a wonderful time! It's struggling to get to 50 degrees where I live, so I'm envious!

Thanks also for your post on the tongue--great stuff.

littlebrowngirl said...

Cute pics. Especially the tooth fairy one :)

Mind if i add you/you add me?