Saturday, March 15, 2008

Winter blues?


Well, if you have been following the weather report for CA (and I am *so* sure so many of you have - LOL) then you would see that we were supposed to have a storm or two with rain. Not so.  Not that I am complaining because I am not. It has been just gorgeous here. Here is some proof:

And then this happens! My smallest person no longer needs training wheels! It almost seems wrong somehow. :) I am really happy for her but it is the end of an era here at our house--everyone rides on their own! She is a happy happy girl. :+) 


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Beautiful flowers and no training wheels!

Awesome things going on at your house, Kate!


hugabunchmom said...

Oh, riding a bike with no training wheels!! She is growing up, that is for sure. I am so glad your weather has been better than expected, your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could grow some, they are truly gorgeous. It is certainly feeling like Spring, and I am SOOO ready! Hugs!

wrose said...

I am SO living in the wrong place on this planet... {said whilst looking out the front window at the bare branches of many trees, and dazzling sunlight on blinding white snow...}

Not that I'm complaining either... I love my country home even in the winter time. And even though the songbirds have not yet returned, we still enjoy an abundance of other birds visiting our kitchen deck all day long. Bluejays, sparrows, redpolls, nuthatches, chickadees, three kinds of woodpeckers, magpies and even starlings. No... I can't complain.