Friday, February 15, 2008

"Mommy, when we're in heaven, will we be n@ked?"

Well, how do you answer such a question? LOL I just said, "Well I don't know Honey, the Bible does not tell us about that." LOL! What a little cracker-head she is. One time my then four year-old (now 13!!) asked me how old I was. I was a (mere) 28 at the time and she said to me in response, "Boy, Mommy, that's a lot of miles!"  I don't think I will ever forget that it made me laugh so much. I love those funny questions out of left field. Have your children asked you some doozies? I would love to hear them.

We have been in celebration mode here with a birthday week last week and a birthday week this week. February was a busy month for us and it is only the 15th! My dear son, John, turned 9 and my second oldest, Abigail, turned 11. Time is flying by! We had two very full birthday days and I just want to take a moment to wish them a lovely and joyous new year.

I hope to have some time to blog in earnest this week. I have been ultra busy. Who isn't right? Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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hugabunchmom said...

Kids are just so dang cute! Gotta love em. I'll have to remember to blog about the next time mine say something memorable, at least then I'd keep a record of some sort. Everyone seems very busy these days, perhaps it is the short month. :-) Anyway, hope you have a fantastic weekend, my oldest is coming home to watch my second's first recital. Should be great! You are in my prayers!!