Sunday, February 17, 2008

Officially the FUN mom this week...

Because I went a little crazy at Rainbow Resource.  I realized that we were pretty much out of all the fun crafty things that little folks like to use to craft up their mother's kitchen tables so I went to town in my order tonight:

001634 - Fuschia (Magenta) Glitter
007206 - Sequins and Spangles
007833 - Craft Sticks (colored) box of 500
009408 - Washable Glitter Glue - Gold
009412 - Washable Glitter Glue - Ice White
009417 - Washable Glitter Glue - Red
009418 - Washable Glitter Glue - Silver
010587 - Glitter Glue - Ice Royal Blue
012552 - Peel ’n Stick Wiggle Eyes 125 pcs.
012561 - WonderFoam ½ Pound Tub
016383 - Felt Shapes (500 / pkg)
023649 - Ultimate Soft Handle Student Scissors
023708 - Construction Paper 76# 12”x18” Assorted
023724 - Construction Paper Fade-Resist 12”x18” Bright
023743 - Construction Paper Fade-Resist White
024167 - Puffy Paint (6 colors)
027347 - Heavyweight Glitter Const Paper 12x18
028737 - Mini Glue Dots
030468 - Wacky Tack Repositionable Dots 3/8”
033358 - Prang Glitter 8 color Set with #9 Brush
033359 - Prang Metallic 8 color Set with #9 Brush
036010 - Student Watercolor Pads - 9”x12”
038550 - Peel & Stick Gemstones - Geometric Shapes
038717 - Wood Shapes - Asst Natural (1000 pc/bag)

And for "official" school:

023945 - Spelling Workout 2001 Level C Student Edition
009921 - Explode the Code Book 7

Does that not look like fun?! I know they will be so excited when the box comes and I will be just as excited as they will be to open it. It feels good to be the fun mom. I am not always ordering crafty things and just knowing how happy they will be makes it all worth it. :+)


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Can I come to your house and "play" when your shipment arrives?! I LOVE getting packages in the mail~ and it's even better when they're filled with FUN stuff!

You're definitely a FUN MOM!


barbieheart said...

I'll be over--I love glitter!

blessingsundreamtof said...

Hi Kate,

I'm new to visiting you post. Today while visiting JenIg's blog, your name caught my eye because IF our 4th (currently in utero) is a girl, she will be named Katherine, but we'll call her Kate. Anyway, LOVE your fun craftiness. We are BIG crafters here... especially my 2nd son. He was also the son (answering your previous post about cute things kids say) who said, "Mommy, if I let go of my balloon and it goes up and up and up all the way to heaven, will Grandmama catch it?" (My mom died unexpectedly in 2000). I've enjoyed stopping by, and I'll visit again.



Anonymous said...

So, are you going to give us the bottom line for being Fun Mom? Did you have some secret deal or coupon we all need to know so that we can join the Fun Mom Team?

I'd love to come play with glue and glitter with you.



Anonymous said...

That does sound like A LOT of fun, Kate! I miss the 'crafty' days. My boys don't enjoy doing crafts at their ages anymore.

Happy, happy birthdays to your two birthday kids this month! I've been so busy, too, I haven't gotten a chance to peek in on you in a while. Hope it was a special time for them both.


Lisa Winton


JenIG said...

i wish i could come over for craft day. how fun!

hugabunchmom said...

Weren't you already the fun mom? I sure thought so!! Wow, what a fantastic list of goodies, it'll be like Christmas when the box comes! I just love that. I hope all is well at your house, sounds like school is going along well enough. I hope you enjoy a truly fantastic weekend!! Hugs!

jess4him said...

Oh! Can I come for craft day too! I'll bring snacks!