Sunday, February 17, 2008

Officially the FUN mom this week...

Because I went a little crazy at Rainbow Resource.  I realized that we were pretty much out of all the fun crafty things that little folks like to use to craft up their mother's kitchen tables so I went to town in my order tonight:

001634 - Fuschia (Magenta) Glitter
007206 - Sequins and Spangles
007833 - Craft Sticks (colored) box of 500
009408 - Washable Glitter Glue - Gold
009412 - Washable Glitter Glue - Ice White
009417 - Washable Glitter Glue - Red
009418 - Washable Glitter Glue - Silver
010587 - Glitter Glue - Ice Royal Blue
012552 - Peel ’n Stick Wiggle Eyes 125 pcs.
012561 - WonderFoam ½ Pound Tub
016383 - Felt Shapes (500 / pkg)
023649 - Ultimate Soft Handle Student Scissors
023708 - Construction Paper 76# 12”x18” Assorted
023724 - Construction Paper Fade-Resist 12”x18” Bright
023743 - Construction Paper Fade-Resist White
024167 - Puffy Paint (6 colors)
027347 - Heavyweight Glitter Const Paper 12x18
028737 - Mini Glue Dots
030468 - Wacky Tack Repositionable Dots 3/8”
033358 - Prang Glitter 8 color Set with #9 Brush
033359 - Prang Metallic 8 color Set with #9 Brush
036010 - Student Watercolor Pads - 9”x12”
038550 - Peel & Stick Gemstones - Geometric Shapes
038717 - Wood Shapes - Asst Natural (1000 pc/bag)

And for "official" school:

023945 - Spelling Workout 2001 Level C Student Edition
009921 - Explode the Code Book 7

Does that not look like fun?! I know they will be so excited when the box comes and I will be just as excited as they will be to open it. It feels good to be the fun mom. I am not always ordering crafty things and just knowing how happy they will be makes it all worth it. :+)

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Mommy, when we're in heaven, will we be n@ked?"

Well, how do you answer such a question? LOL I just said, "Well I don't know Honey, the Bible does not tell us about that." LOL! What a little cracker-head she is. One time my then four year-old (now 13!!) asked me how old I was. I was a (mere) 28 at the time and she said to me in response, "Boy, Mommy, that's a lot of miles!"  I don't think I will ever forget that it made me laugh so much. I love those funny questions out of left field. Have your children asked you some doozies? I would love to hear them.

We have been in celebration mode here with a birthday week last week and a birthday week this week. February was a busy month for us and it is only the 15th! My dear son, John, turned 9 and my second oldest, Abigail, turned 11. Time is flying by! We had two very full birthday days and I just want to take a moment to wish them a lovely and joyous new year.

I hope to have some time to blog in earnest this week. I have been ultra busy. Who isn't right? Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Well the other day...

I had a fantabulous blog entry I was getting set to post and just as I was adding my last picture for some unknown reason my own dumb pop-up blocker went off the chain and my entire post was lost. I was, needless to say, just a tad set off myself. I was SO irritated because I had been pretty jolly as I compiled my long-overdue post and I was thinking happy thoughts. My happy thoughts went pretty much right out of my head instantly. This was last week. I think it took me that long just to get over my pop-up blocker. Well, OK, not really, because I have been super busy. When am I not super busy you ask? Pretty much never. :+)


So, anyway, I have been knee-deep into review products here at my satelite home office and I am in need of some digging out. I have my article to finish putting together - ok, well I need to put it together completely. LOL I am just cracking myself up over here. I need to plan the next three co-op days (are my co-op gals reading this?!) And I have to continue to homeschool, make healthy meals for my low-sodium-eating husband, fold the laundry that is ever-mounting, clean the house, *and* get my late-night reading finished. Well, OK, I did get my late-night read finished! At least I can say I accomplished something this week. (Huge grin.) 


It *has* been a busy, but very productive week, and not just in my reading--Anthony Trollope's, The Way We Live Now. It was a highly interesting satirical look at 19th century life from a 19th century man. It was fascinating! I was not sure what to expect when I began it, but I really enjoyed it a great deal. I am now marching on into my next late-night read, Dickens: A Biography. This is my second non-fiction work in as many months! I am finding non-fiction to be quite worth reading when it is focused on a particular personage of interest to me. Do any of you dislike starting new books? I look forward to certain books, but I never like starting them. I was happy to see that the Dickens book did not start in a slow manner. The author seemed to jump right in. I need that in order to truly get into a book quickly. I mean I *rarely* ever put down a book never to pick it up again. Poor Plato and his Republic found a ready place on my "From Whence You Came" pile. I even sent him beyond reach via www.Bookmooch.com. Does anyone else have a hard time starting books? I am almost always quite content to be *in* the midst of a book, but starting is just hard for me. It is like making a new friend. It is hard to get close quickly. :+)


We finished our Total Language Plus and enjoyed it very much. We are beginning another journey with another language arts program I recently learned about, Galore Park. It is from the UK and is literature-based like TLP, but not focused upon a single book. It is literature excerpts and poetry mixed in with all the grammatical concepts. We have just begun it so I will reserve judgment until we are in it a bit, but I am already impressed with the level of literature and interesting presentation. I do enjoy discovering good curriculum choices for us!


My Abigail and I are enjoying planning our new spring garden. I almost never look forward to spring because we are the only two who suffer from springtime allergies. They are quite horrid, but we discovered that the Claritin-like drug for allergies works wonders and helps most of the time. We were blessed with a new landscape job in our backyard and now have a lovely lawn surrounded by open areas for plants. This open area has now become our regular passion. We have purchased many plants - and lots of perennial bulbs from Costco - really over 55 of them! LOL Most of them are in the bulb form. Double Hollyhocks and a big bag of Rudbeckia, Echinacea Purpurea, and the White Coneflower were the ones we bought in bulb bags from Costco. Just today we bought soil to pre-plant them in pots to get them started--probably in the garage. LOL I am not sure where we will put them until this insane weather passes. I know we are in California, but it does get down to freezing here at night and I don't want my precious plants to die! The rest of our plants are on the front porch as they are already established, but I am covering them with the blanket at night if it gets below freezing. They are my new babies! LOL


So you can see why we are very excited. My daughter is jolly because we gave her a Home Depot card for plants for her birthday. What eleven year-old wants that? Mine! :+) We are discussing herbal medicine and what kinds of herbs we should plant in the garden. It is delightful to have this in common with her and we have enjoyed our plant conversations very much. God did make those herbs for our use! :+) We also have some other goodies in store for her real day, Feb. 14.


My little man celebrates not only his achievement towards rank of Bear (three beads!) but he will turn nine this Friday. It is amazing that all my children keep getting older. I did not give them permission and they continue to disobey. :+) it is a good thing though, that all my children are now odd. When they are odd and even I cannot remember how old they are. Now I just have to say, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and then wait for the collective gasp that almost always follows. :+)


I hope you are all doing well. (The remaining few who do kindly read my scribble.) :+) If I don't comment on your blogs very often it isn't because I don't think of you. I have tried to spend less time online as it is such a draw for me. I would *love* to be posting comments all the time and reading about all sorts of things. It *is* hard to remain on task for me because you are all such wonderful and interesting distractions! So, forgive me if I don't come here or visit your virtual front porch very often, but please know that I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read and/or comment. It makes me smile and usually makes my day.

Have a wonderful week!