Friday, January 25, 2008


There are still people like this mama in the world. It moves me to tears. May her husband and children rise up and call her blessed. God be with their family.

Mother sacrificed her life by refusing cancer treatment so her premature baby would live
Lorraine Allard lost cancer battle three weeks after giving birth

25th January 2008

A mother made the ultimate sacrfice by refusing cancer treatment to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

Lorraine Allard was told four months into the pregnancy the devastating news that she was in the advanced stages of cancer.

A further blow came when doctors advised her to terminate the foetus, which was 23 weeks old, and start chemotherapy straight away.

Instead, she insisted on waiting long enough to give her unborn son a chance to survive, telling her husband, Martyn: "If I am going to die, my baby is going to live."

The rest of the story with pictures.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh yes...

I updated the links in my sidebar. This was a quick update, but I just had to get all my older books off there! All the new books I am reading alone as well as with the children are updated and I added some new resources and favorite family books. :+) Just thought I would share. It is awfully fun to get the blog cleaned up. Kind of like internet housecleaning. If only the house was so easy! :+)

I appreciated this...

Are creationists anti-science?

One of the most common arguments that evolutionists use against creation researchers is the old refrain that creationists are “against” or “anti-” science. However, the same critics fail to answer one important question. Ken Ham explains:

Recently a reporter from a secular magazine interviewed me for an article on the creation/evolution issue. One of the first things he asked was, “How do you react to those who claim you creationists are against science?”

As I always do in such instances, I asked him: “What do you mean by science?” He just looked at me and said, “Good question—so how do you define science?”

This is a question that many do not consider when examining the issue of creation versus evolution. The word science has the root meaning of “knowledge.” Scientists can make repeatable, testable observations about our present world and gain knowledge about the present—such knowledge has built the technology that puts humans into space.

Scientists also try to obtain knowledge about our past—our origins. But this sort of knowledge is very different from knowledge about the present. It must involve assumptions about how the universe and life arose—when no human was there to see it all happen. Fossils, rocks, dating methods, all of these require the observer to interpret the evidence, and this interpretation is always filtered through beliefs about the past.

There is a major difference between observational (or operational) science—what we can observe in the present—and origins science—interpretations about the past with no direct observation. Creationists are not against science, but they do want people to understand what the word science means.

(For more information, see
Science or the Bible?)

This came from an e-newsletter I receive from Answers in Genesis. They have so many good resources that help us understand some of the harder questions we face as believers. They have free online resources that are semi-technical as well as the more complex technical ones. You can find them here. :+)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So, homeschooling!

I have been very busy trying to catch up with my work responsibilities. It has been very rewarding doing so! I love getting caught up on things I need to. Now if I can only paint my house, put in a new floor, scrub the cabinets, etc...  I *will* get to it! I am determined to get the painting done, but it will not be this month.

In my role as a TOS Review Mistress (not my official title - grin) I am asked all sorts of questions via email and some of them are really interesting to answer. I was approached by a bookstore looking for titles for their soon-to-be homeschool section. I could have just directed them to Rainbow Resource and then left them to be completely lost in the phonebook that is their catalog, but I wanted to share my top favorite resources. I have listed a lot of them on the sidebar of my blog, but it has been a long time since I have updated that. (Sheepish chagrin.) I thought I would share the list I sent them, plus a few more I forgot. :+)

Products from Homeschooling in the Woods
Timeline figures
Time Traveler Units

Bright Ideas Press
Mystery of History – The best!! :+)
Science Books

Italic Handwriting Series

Start Write Software

Math U See

Nothing New Press History Titles

Phonics Pathways

Lamp and Quill Bible Resources

Charlotte Mason resources
Story Starters
Pocket Full of Pinecones
Charlotte Mason Companion

Educators Publishing Service
Wordly Wise
Explode the Code
Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Spelling Workout Series

Master Books – (Creation Science Resources)

Apologia Science
Love their science books!

Rod & Staff English Grammar, Math, etc.

Veritas Press
History, Wonderful Literature, Great Books Study. All sorts of goodies here.

Knowledge Quest Maps
Blackline Maps

Peace Hill Press Titles
Phonics & Reading

Common Sense Press titles
Wordsmith Series
Learning Language Arts Series
Great Science Adventures Series

Total Language Plus
Wonderful literature-based grammar/spelling/vocabulary language arts program.

Rosetta Stone
Foreign Language

Tell Me More
Foreign Language

Spelling Power

Harmony Fine Arts
Art and Music Curriculum

Draw Write Now

Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artists/Composers/Presidents
Fantastic artist/composers/presidents books as well as a neat art curriculum.

Birdcage Press Art Games
Beautiful art games

Memoria Press
Latin, French, Logic and Rhetoric Materials

Beautiful Feet Books
Gorgeous literature books, History Curriculum, and Science

Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles
This is the single book I recommend to someone just starting out. It helps define the kind of homeschooler you want to be - or helps you figure out what kinds of things might appeal to you. It is a great place to start.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
For encouragement, of course!

The Old Schoolhouse Store
They sell a lot of wonderful titles that it would take too long to link to individually. I really like the titles from American Home School Publishing they offer that are hard to find anywhere else like: The Forgotten Daughter, The Spartan, Lysis Goes to the Play, Theras and His Town, Twelve Bright Trumpets, etc. And always free shipping!

Salem Ridge Press
A smaller homeschool publishing house that offers wonderful Christian historical fiction; both world history and church history. We are right now reading one of their most exciting books, The Sign Above the Door. Check them out! I love this company!

Purity Resources from Generations of Virtue
This is a wonderful ministry with beautiful quality products. I really love their message.

Isn't it nice to like what you use? What are some of your favorite companies? Have I missed any you would say absolultely *must* be here? :+)