Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, hello, world!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We sure did. It was filled with the kind of sparkle that I want it to be for my children. I hope yours was too!

The day after Christmas the flu hit us! We are under quarantine here until further notice and all New Years Eve plans with my unlinkable best friend and family are not happening. This is a disappointment, but we would much rather ring in the new year not "blessing" someone else with our sickness, right? :+) I honestly feel thankful that we are as recovered as we are. It is a nasty bug and I am grateful for the health I know is right around the corner.

It is times like these that I start thinking - oh, I miss doing school! I miss reading Mystery of History together, I miss reading Exploring Creation with Zoology 2, I even miss doing math! I think I just miss learning. I hope that we are well enough to begin again next week. It would be so fantastic to get back to business. :+)

I love the Christmas holidays - I love almost everything about them. I love the focus on the advent of our Savior. I love knowing every year that He came. It is a beautiful thing to celebrate. But. I am ready for regular life again. I am ready to read books together on the couch. I am ready to learn together. I am ready to walk our neighborhood and enjoy our winter days. I am ready for the next season.

And you? :+)


Lee said...

It sucks to get the flu. Especially, around the holidays. I got the flu a couple days before Thanksgiving this year. That was not cool.

Anyway, hope you have a great week,


Copperswife said...

I'm so sorry that your family has been so sick!!! I hope everyone is very soon on the mend.

I, too, am longing for those wonderful times of reading aloud before the fire, reviewing the catechism and memory verses, and yes, even working through math lessons together. The break was nice, but I always love that January surge of getting back to business.

Dana said...

This Mama sympathizes.

I am so looking forward to getting on with the school year. After the TX trip we took, this school year is going to take us into 2009! That's over planning & and my over achieving self. The kids are ready too.

barbieheart said...

Well, it's just *me* down with the bug. I, too, though, am missing doing school with my [big] little ones. I'm weird in that I love math because it reinforces what I learned /forgot in school!

Blessings as you recover!


hugabunchmom said...

I agree wholeheartedly!! We've been doing some ongoing projects out of necessity, but I am totally missing the regular schedule of our reading together. Our basket full of Christmas books has been wonderful for bedtime reading and such, but those afternoons of MOH2 and our Balancing the Sword study are sorely missed. Monday will be a very welcome start back to our schedule!

Mariel said...

I'm ready too! I have been very behind and, once again, I have resolved to actually continue my Latin study this year. It's not that I don't enjoy it, by any means, but I can't just start off from where I left because I need to review. A--Corn said she would do it for me but, well, it's still in progress. I'm also ready for everything else!

Thanks again for all the work you did to make our Christmas so wonderful! Oh, and your cranberry bread today was....immensly satisfying!

Mommy, I'm sorry that I was so, so--that I was such a lay-about while I was sick. I know you were just as tired, if not more, than I was and all I did was empty a few dishes once in a while. But you, you were going back and forth doing this and that, and I'm sorry.

I love you, Mommy! (And I REALLY like your blog!)

OH! And next time you contact Pastor Delozier, tell him, please, that I haven't forgotten him and I miss him!

Your Loving Daughter and Friend,


Anonymous said...

Kate, we missed you today. Praying you all are on the mend.

In Christ,


PS What a sweet comment from your daughter! :)

JenIG said...

can i have your daughter? no? ok, well can i just borrow her then?? i love that sweet girl and i am so delighted that ryann has such a godly friend.

...you shall rise up and be called blessed. matter of fact, i already dub thee, "blessed" (and i am sure you will agree, whether you are presently risen or seated, or sprawled out on the couch!)