Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tick Tock, Busy! Busy!

Just a few days from the Big Day and we are excited and happy and hoping no one gets sick. Grin. Our son had a fever yesterday, but it seems to have abated. He is normal today so go figure. I just hope it stays that way for our family events of excitement this weekend. :+) I love Christmas!


Do you enjoy the holidays? We sure do. I love the music, the lights, the advent books we read, the expectation of the children, the baking, the treats--all of it! We have been very busy and thus no blogging. I thought I would share some of the fun things we have had going on.


There is no way to see all the food in this picture, but we had a Redwall Feast in honor of our dear friends' birthdays. Twins it was and twins they still are and celebrate we all did. It was so wonderful! All the kinds of food a mouse could desire were there with the mouse mother, Tamara, at the cooking helm. We contributed only a few things and she slaved away for us! What a mouse mother!


We have also been fantabulously busy with our dear co-op gals. We had our Christmas crafty day with cookies, ornaments, fellowship and lots of loud beautiful children. :+) It is amazing how many small people will fit into one's kitchen when one tries to fit them. :+) Who knew co-ops could be so fun? Here some of us are after our ornamenting. I love our co-op!


This past weekend we had our early Christmas with my mother. She gifted us a wonderful day at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. WHAT a place! It is the ultimate in hands-on for the children. Every single child, from age 5 to 13, loved it! My little ones were saying, "This is a really fun museum, Mama!" I love hearing that - it is like music to my ears. :+) This  picture is SO great. I just love it. They were having so much fun.


Afterwards we walked through the Palace of Fine Arts.

What a lovely lovely area. It is no wonder we saw a wedding party taking their pictures in front of it!


Oh, and remember that wonderful birthday surprise I wrote about before? Well, here are the astoundingly fantastic ladies.



And here are a few of us up close, Mrs. Circle of Quiet on the left and my dear friend Nancy on the right. I am the cheeseball in the middle.  :+)


And last but not least, is our Christmas picture. As always, I don't like it of me, but I never like pictures of me so why start now? :+)


Now you may understand why I feel SO blessed. I truly am and I am so grateful!

Enjoy the beautiful children in your life. Enjoy the season. Give thanks! For we have so very much to be thankful for! God bless your Christmas.




ReviewsbyHeidi said...

But YOU are beautiful! I love the picture of you with your two friends and your family picture turned out fantastic!


HisPoiema said...

Oooo, you do have a beautiful family. And you all look great. No one is making a face or looking somewhere else or making bunny ears. How did you DO that??? thank you for sharing!

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer in Va

Anonymous said...

AWW! I'm so jealous! LOL! Is that allowed? It's not? OK I'll repent. GRIN

I met Nancy a few Sunday's back! :)

The Exploratorium sounds fun. My in laws are in town and we're wanting to find a fun place for the group of us to go - I'll have to look into that.

Beautimus Christmas picture btw! :)

Merry Christmas Kate! :)



Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me (Monika) writing that, by the way!

JenIG said...

i wish we could have partook at the Redwall feast! what fun!