Friday, December 07, 2007


Joy is a splendid thing when it is found amidst a difficult week. We have had a tough time living. Do you ever have those times? Those periods where you think -  am I doing *anything* right at all? I felt so discouraged by the end of yesterday. Then God gave me, just at the time I needed it, a "Mom's Night Out." The ladies in my co-op are four of the dearest people. Three are relatively new friends and one is golden - we have been friends now for quite a while. Our husbands work together and we know a lot about each other and one another's lives. It is nice to be able to say something and hear her giggle and know she knows what I am talking about. She is a dear treasure and I am grateful to God for her.

The other three are wonderful ladies - put in my life at just the time God knew I would need them. That sounds selfish of me, like it is somehow all about *me*, but I don't mean it that way. I feel honored to know them and honored that God chose me to be the beneficiary of such friendships. I need these ladies. I need their friendships. I don't know that I ever realized just how blessed a woman I am. When I feel overwhelmed and in a tight spot--they are there. I see them almost every week and it has enriched my life. I have learned so much from each of them and I am truly grateful. Who knew that a co-op would offer so much to *me* at the same time it offers so much to my family? What a God of blessing we serve! It is joy amidst the daily to do.

Tonight was another blessing of joy. Joy with my daughters and in their pleasure. My husband and son are Cub Scouting tonight in the belly of a WWII submarine. Sleeping there and making merry with a loud group of fellows. They will likely have little sleep, but overflow with memories. I am so happy for them!

This left me at home with my beauties. We decided to celebrate the season with the rest of the locals and headed out with gloves and coats to watch the city light the Christmas tree. Not only did they do that, but the city provided a bounty of excitement for us. From making ornaments to frosting cookies to bounce houses to rock walls to bubble snow falling from the sky. It was all free and a complete surprise to the girls. To watch their faces as three of them successfully climbed to the top of the rock wall--on the first try! To see the utter joy and happiness emanate from them as the "snow" falls from the sky while listening to the Christmas carols being played - it was joy out of a movie scene. I cannot describe it adequately because we were filled with laughter and there is no way to convey that here. It was just a wonderful night.

And then to come home and have the pleasure and honor of my two eldest daughter's company as we discuss some of the weighty issues on their hearts. It is joy to me to know I hold this place for them. I do not have the words to express the feelings in my heart. It is joy to know that God is *this* good to me.

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever." I am so thankful tonight.


Darrensgirl said...

The Lord knows just what we need and when we need it, doesn't He? I'm so happy for you and your kiddos. The sub sleep-over sounds wildly fun for the guys (my sweety is the Boy Scout leader here in Israel and would love to do that with his "boys"). The Christmas tree lighting and festivities sounds wonderful, as well. We live in a country that basically prides itself on NOT even celebrating Christmas a bit. Except for the Christian Arabs, there is very little mention. Our tree is trimmed, however, and stockings arranged beneath it (no hearth) and I'm feeling inspired to make homemade marshmellows next week and start some baking. We have our own sweet reminder of the birth of Jesus bundled in the tiny form of our own precious little bundle of joy, Samuel Calvin, who arrived on Nov. 24th. We're both truly blessed to recieve such sweet blessings from our tender Father, are we not?!

Merry Christmas, blog friend, may you be truly blessed during this Advent celebration!



AKA Darrensgirl

barbieheart said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful week. You are truly blessed!

I, too, am realizing anew the privilege of having my children around me all the time. Life is sweet.

Copperswife said...

God is good!! I join you in thanking Him for His goodness and tender care in your life.

hugabunchmom said...

I am so very glad that you have been able to enjoy a wonderful evening with your girls. I am looking forward to my oldest being home by the end of this week so that I may be able to do the same! ;-) God is good to us. In the midst of rundown days and questions of our ability to continue, He always has a way of reminding us that it is not OUR ability, but HIS. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your heart, it is always lovely to see.

JenIG said...

that is so lovely -- i am happy you had such a special time. I wish I could have been there, too!

miss you and love you, jen

Anonymous said...

Aww Kate, you are such a good mom and wife! I love how much joy you take in your family! God has given you much grace and it's been an encouragement to me.

I think you've now convinced me I need to find a co op too!! Hee hee!



Anonymous said...

That sounds so fun, Kate! What a blessing that you are able to see the joy in the little things and so are your girls. Hope the guys had a fantastic time on that sub!


Lisa W. @ http://thewintons.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful night. May you always feel the magic and love of Christmas.