Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'll take the life behind door number five.

It is a strange thing when your youngest turns five. For those of you who have experienced it, you know what I mean. There are no more babies in the house. There are not even any toddlers! Our Emma is quite proud to be a fiver as I call her. I am happy she is. I kept telling her she would not be allowed to turn five - that I was going to make her stay four. It didn't work. It is a melancholy feeling! We are so blessed to have our five beautiful and most-of-the-time healthy brood. It is tremendously wonderful to see the tides of change, the conversations grow more serious and interesting - the dance of life. But it still leaves me feeling a bit sad. There is that nothing stays the same thing again. But God is *always* good in the midst of it all and I am so very grateful for each and every moment.

Lisa Winton, a lovely woman with a "thinking" kind of
blog, shared some very potent and important reminders last week. It is worth your time to read them. They moved me. Especially this part:

"Example is better than precept. The power of training lies not in what we say and teach but in what we are and do. We train our children not in talking about ideals and lofty goals but by living these out before them. It is not merely our strong desires or theories but our will and our practice that actually do the training. It is by living the Christ-life that we prove that we love Christ and that we are His true followers, and in this way we will influence young minds to love Christ and to live for Him too."

I so needed this reminder! It is just so easy to get wrapped up in the things that are just not that important. I have to remember that there are five small people watching me.

We have had a great deal of sickness here the past few weeks. I am praying it is OVER and done for the entire sickness season. Please let it be so! Here is what my sweet boy did for his sisters while one was quite ill. It is good to have a good reader for a brother!

I have also been experimenting with beans. Do you have any fantastic not-so-high-in-fat bean recipies worth eating? I made what actually turned out to be a truly bang-up white bean soup. I cannot say it was low fat per se, but it was loaded with healthy veggies and so full of flavor!

We also topped it off with homemade biscuits. These are my last minute make-do-for-bread biscuits, but they are just so yummy that I don't know why I look at them that way. I suppose because they are not whole wheat bread. LOL

*Before* we were all so ill, we had been doing history and other school work and I felt like I was on top of the homeschool life that is my world. Here was our living room filled with history timelines in the making!

I was feeling so excited about doing these and then we got sick. Well, this is a new week, right? We are in the midst of a highly enjoyable Mystery of History and life is good. :+) I *am* so enjoying MOH. I mean I don't even know how to write how excited I am about it. It is absolutely everything I was looking for. God be praised! Kendra, a dear sweet fellow homeschooling mother, interviewed the author of MOH and I enjoyed it a great deal. I thought you might too. It is such an encouragement to read about the hearts of the authors we appreciate. :+)


We are also going to be starting some excellent (at least I hope they are LOL) read-alouds for history. We have not read a good book together in far too long. This is our line-up for a while anyway:

What Really Happened in Ancient Times

Priceless Jewel at the Well: The Diary of Rebekah's Nursemaid 
(This one is on super sale and looks like it is going out of print. Its sister books are out of print already.)

Hadassah, The Girl Who Became Queen Esther  

Hittite Warrior

Victory on the Walls: A Story of Nehemiah

Within the Palace Gates

The Sign Above the Door
(This one I am especially excited about. This is a newer homeschool-run company and I just love them. This book is a fantastic [and I really mean fantastic] addition to any Egyptian study. Far better than what is out there!)

And I am going to end on something you just don't see every day - such a lovely flower. I just had to share its beauty. It's not every day a freeway daisy looks so lovely. :+)


JenIG said...

Happy Birthday to your Fiver! and yes, i know what you mean. James is starting to lose his 'babyness', and you're right, it is a bit melancholy.

hope you're beautiful family is feeling better soon.

love you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,

Thank you for your sweet comment about my blog. I was just coming over here to highlight your post about the Christmas CD in my music section...I bought it on your recommendation and cannot stop listening. It is SO beautiful! I think my family members are getting copies for Christmas! :o)

Love in Him,

Lisa Winton @ http://thewintons.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

My baby is five too, I know just what you mean. Those biscuits look like my mom's "emergency biscuits." They were yummy too, especially with chives freshly snipped.

Have a blessed day Kate :-)


ClagettsFLStyle said...

a lot has been going on in your home. I hope everyone is feeling well now.

We loved doing MOH. We didn't go onto the second book but we so enjoyed the first.

Keri said...

I know what you mean about turning five.

My four year old (who will be five in January) is SO much the baby of the family. The age five really does seem like a big kid suddenly.

hugabunchmom said...

Your comments on how it feels for your youngest to turn five...has happened to me twice!! Once, my oldest was 9 and youngest was turning five, then three years later along came our third child. And THEN, that youngest was turning five, and a year later came child number four. Wow, hadn't thought about how crazy having our children have been with them being so spread out! Enjoy every moment of God's blessings, I just know you do.

barbieheart said...

Congratulations to your "fiver," and I really enjoyed this little "picture" of your week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Are you on vacation? I miss your posts!


Lisa @ http://thewintons.blogspot.com