Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Much Goodness!

Well, there are just too many things going on and so much kindness - I just have to share it. I had a lovely birthday, thank you all for your comments! It was a *very* nice day topped off with my lovely friend, Jo, sending me the prettiest gorgeous roses, as well as Kathi, bringing over the nicest tray of cheese, hummus, and crackers, wine, chocolate covered coffee beans, dark chocolate and grapes. It was a lovely tray and the fellowship was sweet. There were so many roses they were in three places in my house! I felt so special!

AND my dear husband gave me a $50 gift card for Bath and Body Works and I have been enjoying their Lavender and Vanilla lotion as well as a whole bunch of deliciously smelling fall and Christmasy candles. YUM! My house has never smelled so good. :+)

AND then on Friday night my husband and two dear girlfriends planned a COMPLETE and TOTAL surprise party for me with all my dearest local girl friends. I was absolutely stunned. I turned white and got all shakey and teary! My goodness, what a wonderful special marvelous night. Thank you *SO* much, Mark, Heather, Grace, Diane, Anne, Tammy, Nancy, Tamara, and Kathi! I felt so honored and loved--you made my year! Your gifts of love and laughter help make my life the treasured blessing that it is.

AND then my curriculum arrived! My Mystery of History is in the house! We began it today and boy, I already love it! It starts out with an intro/overview to a section of lessons and then with what they term a "pretest." It is not supposed to be used as a test and we had a great time discussing the questions and seeing who knew the answers. It is a creative way to get their minds working towards the lesson and it worked for all of us. :+) The curriculum is written an a very friendly and engaging way and I love the author's manner towards her intended audience. What a blessing. We are going to do the Wall of Fame Timeline and the Memory Cards. By the end of this year I may be 100% hooked on MOH. :+) I am finally excited about what we are using and the children are too.

AND then I was given a bunch of beautiful clothing for my birthday and some birthday money to select a few choice items for myself, and some very pretty new brown shoes. Some of the items are still on their way and I am giddy when the mail guy or UPS comes. LOL I love new clothes. I don't often buy them, but they sure are fun when I get them. :+)

AND then I went Christmas shopping for the children. I have been spending hours pouring over certain things for them and I will list those in another entry when I have proper time to link to all the goodies I found. I also want to give them a heads up that they are not to read the next entry on pain of death! LOL OR, they will be seriously disappointed come Christmas morning. :+)

AND it has been super fallish in weather and I have been enjoying those candles so much and enjoying the rainyish weather and the lovely air that comes with it and have been enjoying life. I feel so very blessed--so much so!

SO, that is all for now. But that is *so* much, isn't it? :+) God is SO good to me.


Copperswife said...

I was just smiling and then giggling as I read your post!! What a lovely, blessed time you are having just now!! yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm SO GLAD that you had such a nice birthday ~ and it's just so sweet that your girlfriends threw you a surprise birthday party! Yay!!!

It's important to have lovely birthdays. :)


Jo's Boys

hrlabonte said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! :-)


Dy said...

I'm so glad you had such a lovely birthday, and that you're enjoying the start of the school year in such an exciting manner. May this year bring unexpected blessings, untold growth, and unimaginable love.