Friday, October 05, 2007

Middle Mark

Yes, we are half way through the fall birthday bonanza. My wonderful husband of fifteen years is turning 38 today. Happy Birthday, love! You are precious and wonderful and we ALL appreciate you!

We have two more birthdays left until we have a family break. We group our birthdays here (fall and spring) and we didn't even plan that! We plan to head out to dinner and a movie tonight. I hope you enjoy your own evening! :+)


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

my hubby's birthday is today too~ he's 39!

My aunt just told him that she heard that today is the most popular birthday~ busy day!


JenIG said...

Happy Birthday to Marky Mark!! and best wishes of happiness and joy for his funky bunch

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday to a hardworking man with a beautiful family! Blessings on you all!!


Jo's Boys :)

esperanzavallero said...

happy Birthday to Mark,

I left a comment on your 10-2 entry.



hugabunchmom said...

I hope you guys enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating your honey's birthday. We wish you both all of God's blessings. You are a great blessing to us!