Thursday, October 11, 2007

Celebrating Life

I have been given the gift of life--37 years today. I just want to thank my Savior for those years and pray for many more. :+) I also wanted to share with you the joys of my life. Since I cannot put a picture of God here, you will just have to understand that He is first. :+)

Here is the best man alive, my husband Mark.



Here are the best children in the world:



And even our dog, Annie.



And our sweet psychotic kitties, Pip and Caspian:


For all these and so very much more,

I am just incredibly thankful today.

It is indeed a very Happy Birthday to me. :+)


Anonymous said...

To my dear and wonderful friend Kate -- I celebrate you today. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your friendship and your wisdom, your faithfulness to hang in with me.

Let's get a flight soon, okay? hehehehehehe

Much love to you, today and always,


Corin said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope it is a great year for you!

Copperswife said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Heather said...

Dearest Kate,

I hope you felt very special and very loved today, because you are.

Love you,


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Sorry it's a day late. I hope you had a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, you sweet thing!!!

Gosh, I never thought I'd see Annie up there as something you're thankful for!!! :) I about fell off my computer chair!!

I hope it was a wonderful day filled with yummy food and lots of fun! And I'm glad I got to contribute a bit to the joy of the day! You've always been so kind to me - I only wish I could have done more.


Jo's Boys

Monika said...

A very happy birthday to you - just to point out a little error - mine are the best five children in the world, you know! - but I'm sure yours are very very good. . . :)

Lisa W. said...

Dear Kate,

My computer was out yesterday so I am a day late, but happy, happy birthday! I'd love to meet those sweet kids sometime soon. Hope it was a special day.

JenIG said...

happy happy happy happy super happy birthday. i wish i could have brought you a cake. you are SO dear to me and I thank God that He created you. What a masterful work indeed. LOVE YOU!