Monday, September 17, 2007

Learning Time - for me :+)

You know there are just so many things to learn in this life, aren't there? Do you ever feel like you have a handle on them? I don't. :+) I learned how much I had to learn this weekend in a very special way from a very special woman. Susan Wise Bauer came to speak at our local Classical Christian Home Educators conference. It was a one-woman show as that is the way CCHE does it. One speaker for many sessions. It was tremendous.

The best part about it was that it was so unexpected for me. Not that I didn't think Susan had anything worthwhile to offer (because I know she does) but because *we* have been heading in a different direction and I thought it might not be as applicable to me. Boy, was I wrong. *Everyone* has something worthwhile to share - something to add to your life - and sometimes those things may change your life.

It is hard to explain why seeing and hearing someone in person that you have read is so powerful, but it is. They give a part of themselves to you in a very real way. It is perhaps best explained by the comparison of chatting with someone online and having lunch together in person. There is so much to be gained by that personal interaction. Susan was real and vulnerable and human. She was a friend and a fellow homeschool mom--she was herself. I was so blessed.

She spoke of treating education as part of life and not blocking out hours for "school" - life and school together - education is something for all of life. There will be interruptions in our homeschooling days (when are there NOT?!) and she talked about not throwing in the towel for the day, but picking right back up. Life has so many moments of learning - they don't all come from curriculum! :+)

I appreciated that she cautioned parents to guard their children's social time too. We don't want our children to find out who they are in the faces of their friends. How true that statement is! It is just so easy to give into peer pressures. They are real. This does not mean we don't have peer interaction, but we must guard our children's hearts too--as I have to guard my own.

I was blessed to spend much of my weekend in the company of
Susan, Di, and Suzanne (Peace Hill Press). It is a rich and rare gift to have the kinds of interactions we have on this earth. I think the angels must wonder at our ability to love and laugh and enjoy life so much--to have friendships that endure. It was pure joy to be together and to be living. I am blessed by so much - by my very life, my dearest husband, my beautiful growing children, by the gracious ability and blessing of homeschooling - they are all tremendous gifts. I rejoice in the gifts from the Lord!


Dana said...

I heard Susan at VHE and gleaned so much. I would have so enjoyed hearing her again.

Share more would you? What else spoke to you?

And I enjoy seeing you in person.... You are much more silly than this blog let's on. ;)

my2kids4Him said...

So glad you enjoyed your weekend! And Happy Birthday to your daughter....you have beautiful children!

hugabunchmom said...

Boy am I glad I popped over here. I had just been praying about the whole peer pressure area. We just began a bible study with a group of girls from my 16 year old's youth group and they were all so sad that my daughter "didn't have a pole" for See You At the Pole this week! I was thrilled when she quickly pointed to the corner where our flag stood proudly propped (it was evening) awaiting another day to be mounted at the front of our home and said, "Yes we do, it's right there." They laughed at the thought of us having a SYATP day on Wednesday, but we will. We will be praying for our little homeschool and the quickly growing influence God offers to us, along with our local schools and every child within their doors. Thanks for the reminder to be wary of peer pressure, I could have easily encouraged my daughter to attend the school assembly regardless of our convictions, which might have been fine except for the fact that even my daughter didn't want to attend at the school. Our organizing on our own reaffirms our school and our right to teach, a right I take very seriously. Thanks again for the wonderful thoughts on Susan Wise Bauer and all that we can learn from one another!