Thursday, September 06, 2007


Really, it is. Spending roughly two hours making 500 copies at Kinkos late at night - it is. Trust me. :+)  I was copying all this stuff for school--legal copying of course. :+) Kinkos had some fun music playing though so I moved and groved my way through it. Copy machines are wonderful and I am thankful for places like Kinkos. LOL I get this strange excitement making copies of things I know we will use and enjoy. I am excited about this year. It is silly that making copies would do that to me, but hey, what can I say.


I was also solicited by the Wife Swap folks today too. They are looking for a "Prairie Homemaker where the home philosophy is Faith, Family and Frugality" who will (in my opinion) sell two weeks of her life for $20,000. I could really use that money, but NO thanks. I have a really difficult time with that show because I think it messes with children and that bothers me so much. Can you imagine the kind of mother they would likely switch the Prairie Homemaker with?  I am quite content to stay at home and live my own life without the world peeking in and critiquing it!


We started the ramp-up this week--or "layering" as I am terming it. It is the effectual partial school week as we setting into four children schooling all at once. (!!) I am going to spend some time this week (I hope) detailing what we are doing this year. There have been some changes and additions and "it's all good." :+) We are happy and excited and fall is coming and I am ready! Are you? :+)



PreschoolersandPeace said...

How in the world did they get in contact with you??? I so agree with you- I could not put my children in that position, ever. Ugh.

andijeane said...

I've been doing a lot of printing this week with the same feeling, so I can relate to your copying excitement. :-)

Wife Swap seems so strange to me; I couldn't imagine having a stranger come into my house to *mother* my children. I don't think they would like it either!

We are doing some "layering" this week also - I like that term. Fall is my very favorite season!


Dana said...

That sheds some light onbhow that show can even make it. Trash I say!

The music - it must have been 80's. Though some wouldn't classify it as music. Just the thought makes me want to dig out my leg warmers, alligator pumps and jeweled belt.

AnneShaw said...

I love going to Kinkos and making all those school copies and imagining my kids working away on them. Funny what can thrill a homeschooler! :-)

I loved what you wrote below about not being sufficient for your kids - I feel that way SO often - but that Christ is sufficient for us all. Thanks for the good reminder.

Lake Tahoe looks beautiful as do your kiddies!

hugabunchmom said...

I've become a little too addicted to the home printer, but I've had many hours at the local copier. You put a smile on my face, I TOTALLY know the enjoyment found in copying work you just know is going to be fun in coming weeks and months. There's also something about the organizing of it all, I live for that stuff! Well, I live for lots more than that, but I sure get a kick out of it. I look forward to more updates on schooling for you guys!

Dy said...

Oh, it's a happy, happy feeling! :-)

Yes, the $20,000 would sure come in handy, but not at the expense of my children. It reminds me of something Toqueville said about Americans (and the sun's not even up, so you won't get an exact quote). He talked about how, in America, you could not get a man to kiss your feet for any amount of money, because he knew he was better than that. He knew he was your equal, whether you were landed aristocracy or not. He was an American. We've come far from that sort of integrity, and I don't think it's been a forward movement. Nope, no money in the world could induce me to subject my children to that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am not anonymous, just do not remember my log in name!

I am mel, the Prairie Homemaker. The gal sending these emails is doing so using my site's name and logo with out consent.

Just so anyone who reads this knows, they are stealing from me says my attorney.

My attorney is working to stop them.

I do not admire suggest or in anyway support this show or ABC. I do however admire those who are strong enough to say no, even if they could use the cash.

My friend Miss Maggie has been contacted numerous times to be on this show and finally called for info.

her assessment?

"I will not sell my kids for a week for $20,000"

hugs y'all!