Thursday, August 30, 2007

So much!

There are so many things to be thankful for in a day. A genuine smile, a soft touch, a hug in passing, a happy reader, air conditioning, silly cats, clinging four year-olds, apricot peach iced tea. Life is so good so much of the time.

We have such a wonderful group of friends in our lives. We have life and love and happiness so often. I have a truly marvelous husband who loves me like I was the only woman alive. That makes me feel so good! We have freedom, joy, peace, and always have food on our table. We have laughter and children and full bellies.

We have salvation and grace that is free to us, but was not easy for Him.  We have a majestic Savior, a King of Kings and the Creator of all the universe moving in our lives. He listens and loves and makes all things new.

I am thankful tonight.  


Classical Michele said...

Thanks for this great post. It made me smile :)

~ Michele ~


my5wolfcubs said...

...but I'd be more thankful if you had pictures of your silly cat! :)

You asked about going to bed early/staying up late...I certainly couldn't do it forever. I get up when I have to and stay up til I want to -- unfortunately it doesn't work the other way around.


JenIG said...

amen! i am thankful with you. we have much to be grateful for. Our God is always good.

:) love you!