Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Interrupted

For good things of course. :+) Here are a few selections from our life over the past month or so.

For Christmas last year we gave our Abigail the
Physics Solar Workshop from Timberdoodle. This was her solar airplane creation. It really moved too (which was nice!) :+)

This next picture, apart from being what I think is very pretty, is likely my pride and joy from our weed-ridden backyard. Can you believe these grew!? They were sweet and delicious.

What does a mama do when Daddy takes the older two to work for the day on a Saturday to take away the loss? Well, we make bread shapes and bread loaves of course! All handmade in creative fashion by the smaller berries. (Well, OK, I did the loaves. :+)

Happy faces covered in flour. :+)

My husband's boss provided some spectacular seats at Raley Field for the Rivercats game. Here are my smilers.

And here we come to the church camping trip extravaganza! Our very own Taj Mahal (otherwise known as gigantic tent).

This is where we were. I did not want to crop this picture because it was so pretty. If you click on the link then click on the picture you can see the beauty of California's Lake Tahoe. It was just so pretty! Here is another smaller picture.


Campfire adventures happened every night with beautiful skys and yummy s'mores. The stars were just amazing - they do declare the glory of God most especially when there is not other light around them. We saw many shooting stars as this past weekend was the Perseid Meteor Shower. They were just spectacular! Can't take pictures of those so the campfire scene with only a fraction of the folks there will have to do. :+)

It is hard to show you in these cropped pictures just how pretty Tahoe really is. This was a path right behind our campsite. (Which, incidentally, we saw bears on--though they were not too careful about using the path.) :+)

We drove home over Donner Pass, famous for its fateful story of the Donner Party. In Sutter's Fort, Sacramento, you can see one of the children's dolls. You may be familiar with the book, Patty Reed's Doll. Every time I go over Donner Pass I think about these poor pioneers. I cannot imagine being a mama in such a situation. It made me SO thankful for our cars and clear weather! I hope you enjoy the picture you will see if you click on Donner Pass above. It was taken from a car, but the view is still a nice one. :+)

Happy campers. :+)


BelovedLamb said...

Great pics!! I want some of those grapes! What campground did you stay in? We've been looking for some good ones up there.

SimpleFolk said...

What a beautiful area! Those pictures are fantastic. I'm also envious of the grapes...lucky you! I was up to my "ears" in sweet corn here last week. :o)


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Thanks for sharing~ it looks like you've been having a fantastic summer.

And, oh my~ your oldest daughter looks EXACTLY like you.


Dana said...

We were inner tubing on Tahoe yesterday. Currently we are staying at my parents place on the north side of Tahoe on Mount Rose.

Got a bear here too. Likes the garbage cans!

Have you done the nature walk in the area of Donner Lake?

There is a paper guide that tells you about the marked spots along the walk that pertain to the Donner party. The museum was also worth seeing. They sell (or at least last smmer they did) Patty's Reed's Doll book.

Good times!

anewday said...

Tahoe IS gorgeous! It's one of my favorite places! I've never seen bears though! That must have been fun! ;)

Nancypants said...

I love Lake Tahoe. I knew that's where it was the second I saw that picture (w/o reading first! LOL) That is where we went on our honeymoon. :^D

And my Mom read that book to us (about the doll) when we were little as we were travelling in that area once. We visited the museum there.

Thanks for a great post! And goodness... we have lots in common! Reformed coffee w/ cream and Earl Grey drinkers... and my Dad sells Creation Science books as a hobby (he's really a plumber!) I bet you've met him! He travels all over California and goes to all the homeschool conventions.

JenIG said...

me and geoff *so* miss Tahoe, and we all especially miss French Meadows, our family camping spot which has been in the Bolen family for generations.

sigh. and how i miss you, too. the pictures are gorgeous, kate! One of these days we are sure to make it back for a visit!

Wendi said...

We sent to Lake Tahoe last year with friends. It was stunning! Camping there looks like so much fun!

Some one in TN said...

I was just looking at your whole blog page and I have been on it for a while, and then when I got to the bottom I thought 'Oh, Golly, I've been on here forever! I wonder if Mrs. K has a site meter, so I checked and sure enough, you do. So I figured that I would let you know that it was just me, a Californesseean (Californian/Tennesseean), was on your blog for a long time. lol. I really miss you!!!

Please tell H.G.K that I said hi!

-Ryann Igarashi

Moms4Psalms said...

Great photos! :o)

I just saw a documentary worth watching. "God Grew Tired of Us" filmed by National Geographic. It follows three Sudanese "Lost Boys" as they come to America and begin life here. It is fascinating and I think you would really enjoy it. Watching the faith and strong family and work ethic of one of the men in particular is amazing!


Peruvian Lily said...

I love reading your blog, especially hearing about the family. The camping trip sounds like so much fun! :+)

Keri said...


You grew grapes?

Very cool!

JacqueDixonSoulRestES said...

I feel like I have known your girls for a long time, and I have been here, but never commented... I think.

Anyway, these are nice pics. Very nice.

The Donner Party... scary, Yup. we are going to do a Pioneer Study. That will be interesting.