Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Heading to Dirt

Hey, all! We are heading out to a four day camping trip with our fantastico church family. We are very excited. I have been in the throws of work, reviews, laundry, camping gear, etc. It has been a wild few weeks. I think my devoted HSB Literary Club ladies think I have abandoned them.  I did post on August 4th so I hope they know I have not!

Last time we camped with our church family our smallest was only two. She saw me taking out all the camping gear and wanted to know what it all was! It was then that I realized that she didn't know because she was so small the last time it was out. She is in for such fun! S'mores, great fellowship, swimming, campfires, and lots and lots of dirt. :+)

I know I have not blogged about our conference run, but I do plan to. A new company I discovered and have been immensely blessed with is Lamp & Quill International. They gave us some products to review - their first year Bible curriculum - and we are absolutely thrilled. When it comes to Bible curriculum it is difficult to please me because I want it to be sound in doctrine, not twaddle-like, and work for all the family. This is really a tremendously thorough and God-glorifying program! Check it out!

I hope you have a lovely weekend too!


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I'm interested in reading your review for this new Bible curriculum~ I can't find one to please me either!

Enjoy your time away!


PreschoolersandPeace said...

Eat a s'more or two for me :) I'll be at the Santa Rosa convention, and now you have me curious about the Lamp and Quill products. I'll have to take a look while I'm there.

Copperswife said...

A church or two ago, and many years ago, I remember when the men of the the church moved your campsite up the road to a better site.....like a parade....carrying the tent between them and waving as they passed by............it still makes me laugh!

JenIG said...

i hope you have most a marvelously marvy time.

love you,


jess4him said...

Hi Kate! I just wanted to strop in and say hello! Hope your camping trip was a blast!



hugabunchmom said...

I'll have to pop right over and check out that curriculum. A favorable review from you means the world to us!! Hope you have great fun on your trip(I just know you did).

Deborah said...


We looked at the Lamp and Quill products at the Modesto convention as well. They do look really neat! We have been on the fence...trying to decide if we'd like to give them a try this school year. I'm so excited to hear that you like them! Please share more as you discover more!!


Anne said...

Didn't we have a great time? My kids are clean now, but my laundry isn't, quite.