Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Sun

For those of you who wonder why California is called the "Golden State" it is not because of the gold rush, but because of the hills. This was on the road to and from our Clear Lake adventure.



I am not so sure why "golden" is the term, but they have a lovely peaceful quality about them that I really enjoy. I think I would honestly miss the lonely oaks and scrub brush if we moved away! We even saw elk on the hills. Below is our the bread-basket of the state - the central valley.



The tall rows are corn. I loved the mountains in the distance. This was taken, as you can probably tell, from the car. :+) 


Here is where we ended up! A lovely timeshare my mother-in-law participates in. It was really wonderful!



 Here is the happy party of the first part:



And the party of the second part (notice we brought along our firecracker and our sparkle to prepare for the fourth)  - don't leave home without it!



And the party of the all-of-us part all together:



And they are all musical save ME. Ah well, we can't all be the same, right? :+) My brother-in-law is a drummer and his wife, my lovely and talented sister-in-law with the baby, is a singer. And as you can see, the other lovely and talented guitar-playing sister-in-law is, well, guitar-playing *in addition* to being a beautiful singer. And, if that was not intimidating enough for this sings-by-herself-in-the-car person, my mother-in-law also sings well! :+) I just hope it transfers in the genes somewhere along the lines! :+)



Cousins running...



Siblings sibbing...



Sunflower fields blurring on the drive home...



But somebody had had enough. :+)



It was a very good trip! Thank you, Grandma Linda!




bethanyrae said...

Thanks for those beautiful pictures. I was in CA once, years ago, but don't remember seeing anything like this. What interesting views. Don't see anything like that in Michigan.


ClagettsFLStyle said...

and what beautiful scenery to look at!! Looks like a great trip!

I love your kids rash guards/swimming shirts.. where did you find those?

andijeane said...

Thanks for sharing. I am always so amazed at God's handiwork looking at pictures of different areas. California is beautiful, but it is such a different kind of beauty than where I live in Michigan. He has given us such diversity to appreciate!

~Andrea :-)

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your trip~ it looks like you had a fantastic time! You kids are really growing~ and, oh! so cute!

What a blessed time together as a family!


Copperswife said...

The trip looks like fun! Nice pictures, too!

Hey, friend, do you still love Hollyhocks? I ran across this today http://www.borg.com/~corgyn/hollyhockdolls.htm

and thought of you! I'm picturing your girls making these by the score!

Anonymous said...

Such fun pictures! What a fun group!


UndertheSky said...

CW, I do still love hollyhocks! I am so surprised you remembered that! :+) Thanks so much for the link.

ClagettsFLStyle, we bought those at LandsEnd on clearance over the winter! Keep an eye out for them as they were a fantastic deal. I do know that Old Navy sells them too, but I think mostly in their store.

Thank you all for the kind comments! :+)



AFJen88 said...

I'm at Beale AFB north of Sacramento! :) We've only been here a year, but have to admit I'm not used to the 'golden' look in the summertime just yet. :)


Peruvian Lily said...

I can't believe how much your kids have grown up! But it looks like you had a wonderful time with family. :D