Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Good Anniversary

It was a lovely evening of festive food and good company - my husband's! :+) We spent several hours at Marrakech Morroccan Restaurant in Sacramento. Yum!! The tables are low to the ground and you sit on cushions. They begin by pouring water over your hands and handing you a towel. You keep that towel because you will use it for the rest of the meal or you will be really dirty! :+)


Once your hands are rinsed they bring you a wonderfully savory lentilish soup with bread and a platter of five different salads. All these you eat with your hands and the bread. Once you have finished this they bring you out their Pastilla Classique. This marvelous creation is: "chicken, egg, and nuts baked in a flaky filo dough pie and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar." Does that not sound yummy? I did not know there was egg in it - there is not an egg flavor at all! It comes out piping hot and you also get to eat that with your fingers. Then, to top it off, they bring you your choice of fantastic main meat dish. I chose chicken with lemon and olives and Mark chose honeyed lamb. Both came in bowls of fantastic sauce and both had to also be eaten with your hands. :+) It was a tricky adventure and now you see the need for the towels! They ended the meal with mint tea and a baklava-like dessert. SO good!


We were the only ones there that night because it was not a busy night. On belly dancing evenings they are packed. (NO thanks! LOL!) But it was really truly special. I feel so blessed to be married to my man and it was a wonderful celebration for us. Fifteen years, five beautiful children, and a Savior ruling our home - it does not get any better than that. :+)


Cornflower said...

I am so completely glad that you had such a wonderful time!

Truly I have to thank you for being such a wonderful Mother to me. My love for you is so very much engraved into my heart it would be absolutely impossible to even make a dent inside it. You are so loving and encouraging, so amazing and wonderful!

I am so blessed to have you as my Mother!

Your sincerely loving daughter,


bearsmom said...

Happy Anniversary!! You are right. It doesn't get any better. What a wonderful idea for a date together. i wouldn't mind trying that myself. I wonder how my hubby would do.

wrose said...

You're right, it doesn't get any better than that. It just gets... more! :-)

Your crystal year is my silver year. Ian and I had to wait till my birthday in May to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. But celebrate we did -- by getting away by ourselves for the first time since our first baby was born 24 years ago!!

You are blessed, Kate. May the Lord give you many more wonderful, blessed years with Him and with your dear husband.

Willena, aka Rambling Rose

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ReviewsbyHeidi said...

My hubby isn't very adventurous when it comes to food, so I'm envious of your experience! I don't want to try anything too "out there"~ but just different things on occasion are so much fun!


Marie said...

Several hours???

UndertheSky said...


I suppose I should have said "a few" but we were there for at least two hours eating! It is a leisurely dinner with many courses. We felt like royalty! :+)



Anonymous said...



Cornflower said...

I love you too sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

deedeeuk said...

...to you both! It sounds like a wonderful night out! What a yummy meal, you make me wish I was closer to your area. Actually I'm probably closer to Morraco than I am to that restaurant - LOL! May the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years to grow together.

daffodilmama said...

sounds like a wonderful evening! Happy anniversary!

hugabunchmom said...

Congratulations! Obviously I am not keeping up on jumping blogs OR writing on my own. I am so thrilled that you had a wonderful evening. Thanks for hitting my blog and reminding me to keep things up. And also, LOVE Caspian, he's adorable.

barbieheart said...

Many, many congratulations to you and your husband. Your night out sounds absolutely yummy!


Darrensgirl said...

What a fun way to spend your anniversary! I've sampled many of the dishes you mentioned and what tasty memories your descriptions bring back:) Enjoy your many blessings! We are truly blessed ladies;)


JenIG said...

how awesome!! is that the same one that we went to before we left?

Keri said...

What a wonderful experience it must have been!