Saturday, June 09, 2007

Show in Film

We have been very busy as of late doing and going and I thought I would share a brief bit with you via pictures. I hope you enjoy.

We went to the gorgeous Horton Iris Garden in May and boy was it beautiful. You see the iris you want in bloom, then you order the rootstock and when the plants go dormant they mail the very roots to you. Or you can do what we did and buy a one gallon nursery bucket and take your favorite home. Here are just a few pictures from that lovely place.



Here John was jumping from the rock in front of a wonderful field planted with peas and fava beans. They could pick and eat at will and run wild through the meadow. It was wonderful.

We spent some time visiting my family in Isleton in late May and this is what happens when you go boating:



Just so you know, it took four conditioner treatments and almost an entire bottom of apple cider vinegar to get the tangles out of the little one's hair. NIGHTmare - more for her really. We will ponytail/braid that hair for future boat rides!! Here is a sweet picture of four of my favorite humans:



This is one of the butterflies we "grew" from tiny caterpillars:



Here are some beautiful pictures of flowers from our garden and the one next door. These hydrangeas are spectacular. The picture does not do them justice!



There is nothing like a beautiful rose:



But there is really nothing like moving up from Wolves to Bears:



Or losing your front tooth:



And there is nothing like fresh-from-the-bath with clean and shiny hair precious littles:



And joy...





Oh these are fabulous wonderful pictures! What a lot of loveliness, here!!

And that last pic of E....oh my I am cracking up. This is the funny ragdoll E we remember so well. Look how big she is now, though. (sob)



Dy said...

I love all the photos! Your littles are so very precious, and oh, did I feel for that wee one's head. Ouch - the tangles!! What does apple cider vinegar do for tangles, though? You know, in case EmBaby ever decides to grow actual hair...


Anonymous said...

What pretty flowers and joy filled children. Thanks for sharing. Love the close ups of your precious jewels...very sweet!



(mama to 6

one homemade and 5 adopted...working on #7, this time to Guatemala!)

JenIG said...

my word !! you cannot imagine how much i miss your beautiful family!!

barbieheart said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Your children are beautiful, and congratulations to your Cub Scout on his promotion!


Keri said...

I smiled when I read about the tangles from the boat!

Me and my daughter can not even brush our hair after boating, unless we wash and condition.

Peruvian Lily said...

Such adorable pictures!

Which little one, by the way, had the tangled hair? The elder or younger?