Saturday, June 16, 2007

Book Ramblage

I went to a used curriculum sale today with two of the coolest ladies I know. They don't blog or I would be linking for you. They are wonderful friends and I hope that someday I can provide a link. Are you reading this, my non-linkable friends?? LOL 

Anyway, I think this is only the second curriculum sale I have ever been to in all my eight years of homeschooling. I just never made a point of going, but I was really happy I did today. I came home with some fun books, but no curriculum. Which is exactly what I expected to happen! I don't really need any major curriculum as I am pretty set for next year. I can *always* take home more books though! My addiction, you know, my addiction. :+)


Here is my list of treasures:


The Hedge of Thorns ($3 - hardback!)

The Children's Homer ($3)

Rip Van Winkle and Other Stories ($1) (Mine was the beautiful older hardback version from the 50's in gorgeous new condition!!)

Cotton in My Sack (Lois Lenski) ($.50) A wonderful older hardback version. Lovely!

Floss ($.75)

Richard Scarry's Best Read-It-Yourself Book Ever ($.25 - hardback!!)  (And of course I had to buy it if it was THE best, right?) :+)

The Sign of the Four (A Sherlock Holmes Mystery) ($.25!)

Story tape of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel ($.25!)


And I made a fab order with Kris' BookCloseouts coupon last night too. If you have not signed up for her BCO Yahoo group, it is a really good idea to do it. She hunts out all the best deals and finds the neatest books! (And then of course, you add to the list in your basket!) At least that is what I do. :+)


I am SO excited about my purchases and I just have to share a few of them too. :+)


In Search of Knossos: The Quest for the Minotaur's Labyrinth is probably one of the coolest books for a woman like me who wishes she could be an archeologist *with* her family at times. :+)


From the Book Description at Amazon:

The legend of the Monitaur - the bull-headed monster slain by the Athenian hero Theseus - has captivated people since ancient times. Archaeologist Arthur Evans was determined to find out if there was any truth behind the myth. Digging on the island of Crete, he unearthed the magnificant palace of the ancient Minoans. In Search of Knossos tells the story of Evans's discoveries. Superb illustrations invite the reader to share his excitement at unearthing an ancient civilization, and through this to learn about the everyday life of the Minoan people.

Does that not sound *totally* interesting?? I am thrilled to get it and
BookCloseouts still has a ton of them! I also bought the unabridged version of The Horse and His Boy on tape for only $5.99! Pinch me! :+) There was also a rather lengthy list of other items I bought, but nothing near as exciting as these two steals. :+) Don't you just love a good deal? I do.

I was logging in to BookCloseouts the other night to take a look at what I had put in my basket and my husband said, "Is there any book site that you don't already have a login for?" He was smiling when he said it as he knows what books are to our family of addicts! :+)

What is on your list of "must buys" for this next year?

I just finished reading Ishmael with the HSB Literary Club and we are set to start our new book, the sequel to Ishmael, Self Raised. Ishmael was a really wonderful Victorian read. You know me and my Victorians! :+) Come and join us for the next book!

I am also finishing up
The Odyssey and am in the midst of reading Susan Wise Bauer's book, The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome. This is one fascinating book that is going to be hard to review and will take me a while to finish. It is a wonderful read though, and does *not* help me fall asleep when I need to! I just keep hearing Susan's delightful voice and seeing her funny facial expressions as I read it. It is like having her sitting across from me at dinner chatting about those wacky Sumerian kings. :+) She is witty and sometimes even sarcastic and it is just brilliant. Who knew ancient history could be so much fun? :+)

Ahh, what would life have been like without the printing press?? So glad we don't have to know!


REInvestor said...

I had a similar experience yesterday and could almost have written your post, except I bought different books. I was at a homeschool conference and bought no curriculum but only books. And I went with a dear friend who does blog. And I got The Horse and His Boy on CD for 7.99. And I love bookcloseouts, although I am not on that Yahoo group. I am afraid that if I were I would buy too much.

ClagettsFLStyle said...

I love the Hedge of Thorns. I read it aloud to my girls right before we moved to FL. It was so beautiful. It's a hard lesson learned but it paints such a wonderful picture of what paitience and obedience is.

Enjoy your goodies.

Darrensgirl said...

I love reading your book recommendations! I wish I had more reading time, but this season of life feels very limiting in that respect. I was under the weather yesterday and spent the better part of the day reading North and South. (The poor title looks naked with out a line, doesnt' it?) In any event, you inspire me to keep trying to carve out those reading times, no matter how small. I've used the Susan Wise Bauer books with my children. Is the one you read for adults or children? Hmmm...I need to investigate.

Enjoy this new day,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. We are all safe and life is going on as normal despite happenings in Gaza and up north. When you talked about your love of archeology I wished that you could come out here and enjoy some of our adventures. We love to go to different historical sites and at some of them you can still sit and dig with your fingers in the dirt, finding little pottery shards and such. It's everywhere! You'd love it and think what a marvelous class trip it would be! Just a thought:)



creech7s said...

I just found your blog - what a gem! We (our support group) are getting ready to do a "What I Wish I Had Known" type seminar for new (and almost new) homeschoolers in late July. I'd love to use your list verbatim (and give you credit of course) as a handout. Would you please grant us permission to use it? Thanks!


Melkhi said...

on the WTM board. I answered you there, but didn't know if you'd see it this much later.

I really enjoyed the movie. The book... not so much, mainly because I resented the ending of the book.

Anyway, the movie was more uplifting than the book. The vengeance theme in the book is way more emphasized and developed. The movie had a more redemptive ending. Maybe it was too "Hollywood", but I really needed that with that story.

hugabunchmom said...

How do you juggle reading several different books at the same time? My brain is just too small or something. :-) I mean, the Odyssey? AND your book club? AND Susan Wise Bauer? Goodness knows how you do it! I have trouble staying focused beyond one book at a time. You are simply amazing. As usual, thanks for so many great books, it just keeps lengthening my reading list!!!!

UndertheSky said...

Donna, that made me laugh. :+) I read different books at different times and not each one every day. For instance, I got "into" The Odyssey and finished it pretty quickly so I put a hold on SWB's book. Then I went back to that and read a few chapters. Then I started two other books I am reading that are not even on my blog yet. :+) I read off and on and sometimes ignore ones for a bit. Self Raised I will read during the day with my girls.

It does sound rather odd typing all that, but somehow it works! LOL