Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reading Frenzy

I have been reading up a storm in the past few weeks. Some of the books are absolutely worth mentioning and some are not. As a BookMooch mama I have been the recipient of some tremendous finds - both fiction and non. I have enjoyed reading a new-to-me author of Egyptian mysteries, Elizabeth Peters. The worldview is not my own, but the mysteries are quick, interesting, and enjoyable to read. She is a very sensible woman. :+)

I realized in my quest to read all the best Victorian Literature has to offer that I had overlooked Jane Austen's book, Persuasion. I own the movie so I figured I had read it. What a lovely wonderful well-written book. It was much more satisfying than the movie (as much as I liked it too) because you were in the character's heads. That is my favorite part of reading a fictional work--getting into the minds of the characters. Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth were wonderful to get to know and much more layered than the movie allowed. It was an incredibly satisfying book and I wished for more!

I had not read an Austen novel for so long that I forgot just how enjoyable they were. So, upon finished Persuasion last night, I picked up
Northanger Abbey immediately. It is a very different Austen than the ones we mostly see on film. The female character is less interesting, but learns a great deal over the course of the book. It is a very fast read and I anticipate being done today. It is my least favorite of her books, but contains one of my favorite of her male character leads, Henry Tilney. Go figure. :+) I think this is a good book for a budding young lady to read because it dispells the myths of friendships, true and false, and allows the reader to know things before the fairly naive main character does. Catherine is a different young lady at the end of the book.

In my "to-read" pile I have
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and I still have yet to finish poor old Plato. He will get his due eventually, but I have been far to busy enjoying my late-night reading to stay and fall asleep with him. :+) So what is on your reading pile? What is filling your mind?

Thanks for all the kind words on our loss. They are appreciated.


KayinPA said...

I felt the same way about "Persuasion" I loved the movie, but enjoyed the book even more!

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

You are such an inspiration to me. I keep telling myself that I need to be reading more classical literature, and even picked up a cd from last year's CHAP convention, entitled "Oh no, not the classics!" by Maggie Hogan.

It was meant to be for you to post this today!



Marie said...

I love Austen, too, but still have to read Northanger Abbey. I'll have to pick it up at the library next time I go.

I just finished Tara Road by Maeve Binchy. It was the best Maeve Binchy I ever read. I think it's worth a read. I only picked it up because my mom left it here. Not exactly edifying, but realistic and thought provoking.

I'm also reading a collection of short stories, the Pushcart Award winner of 2005 or something like that. I like books of short stories because they are easier to put down!


Anonymous said...

The Singing Life of Birds by Donald Kroodsma and Chronicles of Wasted Time an autobiography by Malcolm Muggeridge are my big-person reads at the moment, along with a history of the Bahamas.

Northanger Abbey grows on me every time I read it. I am Catherine--clueless woman who somehow snags a great husband and matures through his influence. Catherine will do just fine in life with Henry by her side.


andijeane said...

"Persuasion" is my favorite Austen novel! Your Victorian reading list inspired me. I decided to read "North and South," as I hadn't read anything by Elizabeth Gaskell yet. I loved it! Now I am impatiently awaiting "Wives and Daughters" through interlibrary loan.

I've read many of the titles on your list, but there are also many that I haven't read. I am using your list to get to know some new authors - we seem to have similar tastes. Thanks for sharing!


barbieheart said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I just finished Invincible Louisa by Cornelia Meigs (bio of Louisa May Alcott) and now I want to read all of the Alcotts I missed "along the way."