Friday, April 06, 2007

Team Bettendorf Quilt/Toy Drive

I just found out about this family. Their daughter, Jillian has cancer.  They have spent a great deal of time at the hospital, not a exactly a friendly atmosphere for children.  All of these visits have opened Katie's heart to areas that she sees a need.  

Katie is starting a quilt drive to help all of the other children who are learning to live with a scary diagnosis.  I know all of you have generous hearts.  Let's help Katie help those children and families. 

Quilts  - When children are admitted to the PICU they are given quilts and blankets.  Katie explains that these blankets help give comfort and help to brighten up the hospital room.  Quilts and blankets only!  No crocheted or knitted blankets as these cause hang ups in medical equipment and the blankets are washed numerous times.  Click on the quilts link to read more.

Small Toys - Little toys and games help to keep a child's mind occupied during painful procedures and treatments.  Click on the small toys link to read more.

For those of you that feel you can't mail anything right now, or feel you should support the children in your own local hosptial, then consider doing just that!  It's still all a part of the Team Jillian effort. 

You can find the address to mail your items in the quilts link above.  Items need to be mailed by the end of May as the Bettendorf family will be moving. 

A part of healing is to take your mind off yourself.  We can help Jillian heal by helping her give blankets and toys to the other children in her hospital. 


Heather said...

Hi Kate,

WOW what a comment. Thank you so much:) I appreciate your upfrontness & honesty. I would love to go to Europe some day. I have some beautiful churches bookmarked on my Flickr.com account. It's a picture sharing site. It's a lot of fun and a neat way to look at pictures from all over the world:) What parts of Europe have you been to? As you can guess I want to go to Poland some day.

I hope you will comment again very soon.

Who are some of your favorite authors/titles/subjects? I saw you love history. I love to read autobiograhies:)

I also enjoy walking in forests...if only one was close by to where I'm at.... and my husband has gotten me into hot tea finally. Growing up my grandparents love to drink tea after dinner, but I couldn't stand it and now I'm starting to appreciate it more.

Well have to go for now. Have a wonderful day:)

hsbliteraryclub said...

that is a neat thing, i hope she gets a lot of response.

AND coie is going to be coming out your way in two weeks. could you spare a place at your dinner table for one of the nights she is out there?