Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prayers for the family of Knox Anderson

From the home church site of the Anderson Family:

Beloved Westminster family and extended family of Christ, thank you for your continued prayers for the Andersons.  Please continue to pray fervently and without ceasing for the family (I Thes. 5:17).  Last evening around 9:00 p.m. Knox went home to be with Jesus.  Jon, Rachel, and the family are grieving but are strengthened by the knowledge of Christ’s redeeming love.  As well, they are appreciative of your prayers, love, compassion, and readiness to serve them in this difficult time.  Please pray that the Anderson family will experience the hope and love of Christ in their grief over Knox’s death.  Pray that God would sustain them in his steadfast love.  Pray that they would find comfort in God’s covenant and eternal promises to us and to our children.


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

thanks for sharing this news.....

I've been thinking about little Knox and his family alot lately.......

I can't imagine what they are going through right now.



Nan said...

Hi Kate. Nan(cypants) here. I was just wondering if you actually know Knox's family? We don't know them personally but my husband used to be the youth and family pastor at Westminster PCA in Bryan.

Just wondering if you knew the family or have connections in Bryan.

Small world. And I was heartbroken for Knox's family right when I heard this even though I don't know them. I am good friends with one of their good friends and I know how much her heart was breaking.